Why I Chose Laminate Flooring For My House

This post is sponsored by Quick-Step.  I received Quick-Step flooring and accessories free of charge to facilitate my review.

I have been living in Hydeaway Cottage for just over two years now.    I love my little house, but the main floor is - how shall I say it?  Compact?  Cozy?  Let’s just say it like it is.  The main floor is small.   It is also open concept.  And the main living area – including the dining area – was carpeted. 
I knew immediately that I wanted to replace the carpet with a hard-surface flooring.  One that would be more conducive to the wear and tear that my main floor gets.  In my line of work as an interior designer, I have a lot of experience working with different types of flooring.   So, when I had to make the decision of what to put in to replace the carpet, laminate was my natural choice.

My Living Room BEFORE - with carpeted floors.  This is the main living area of my house and carpet was NOT a good flooring choice.
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For people that are not as familiar with flooring as I am, the word “laminate” might conjure up images of the cheap not-quite-wood-looking floors of years past.  But let me tell you…laminate has come a long way!  If you’ve seen today’s laminate, you know that sometimes it is very difficult – if not impossible - to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood.  Hardwood is beautiful, but can be quite difficult to maintain.  It is also more difficult to install than Laminate.  And laminate, is not only easier to install, it looks beautiful, and is quite hard-wearing and difficult to scratch.  Furthermore, the laminate which I used from Quick-Step is environmentally friendly , made from pre-consumer recycled wood.  In short, it was the perfect choice for me. 

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Naturally, when I had the opportunity to receive Quick-Step laminate flooring for my house, I jumped at the chance!  And I am really (I mean REALLY) excited to share with you my journey from carpet to laminate!   In this series of posts, I’ll cover my selection process, the installation of the floor and finally the big reveal!    I hope you’ll join me!

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This post is sponsored by Quick-Step.  I received Quick-Step flooring and accessories free of charge to facilitate my review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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Unknown said...

We installed laminate floor in our house and I love it.. felt so good to rip up all the gross ugly carpet and throw it away! :) Your home is beautiful.

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