A Barn Door for my Master Bath

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Okay, so I know that it is really popular in newer homes to have the master bath open to the master bedroom.  What I don't understand is "WHY?"  I don't know about you, but honestly, I prefer to have a bathroom to which I can shut the door.

Ever since I moved into Hydeaway Cottage, the fact that I have an open master bath door has plagued me.  Not only that, but the opening to my master bath is an arch, so it's not like I could just run to the hardware store and buy a door to put there.

After I gave the idea some thought, I decided that a barn door would be the perfect solution.  I could custom make a door that would fit the tall arched opening, and the barn door hardware would make it so that the door could be rectangle and slide right over the opening.  Brilliant!

I kept my eye out for some barn door hardware.  But I was having a hard time because the wall with the door is not very long - only about 58".  Luckily, I was approached by National Hardware to see if I would like to try out their barn door hardware.  The shortest length they had was 72", so before I could agree, I needed to be sure that cutting down the hardware would not interfere with its functionality.

I was assured that it would still work.  So I went ahead and chose some pretty black iron hardware.  Once it arrived, my father helped me to cut it down.  (We did have to re-drill some of the holes as well).

Then he built me this gorgeous three paneled door which I painted Sherwin William's Dorian Gray.

Some handy friends helped me install the door, and now I have a lovely barn door, and just as importantly,  I have privacy!  It didn't take long to install - less than an hour.  And the track works beautifully.  The door slides smoothly and quietly, and bumpers on either side of the track keep it from moving too far.

A brilliant solution and  a handsome addition to my master suite.  Love it!


I was given complimentary product from National Hardware in exchange for my review.  As always, the opinions expressed are 100% mine.



Unknown said...

What a perfect solution for this space! I would hate not having a bathroom door too!! :) I love how it turned out.

Clearissa said...

I have the exact same issue in my master bedroom. What an awesome idea that I think I will borrow.

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