What I Wore Wednesday

Okay Lovelies...

Today is my first installment of What I Wore Wednesday.

For this series, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the looks that I wear each week...both to work and on my days off.  It's important to me that women realize that wearing what they love is acceptable regardless of their age.

40 is not what it used to be...neither is 50, 60 or beyond.
Our age doesn't mean anything, and it makes me crazy when I see those articles that delineate what is okay to wear for women of a certain age group.

As long as your outfit is appropriate to the situation (i.e. - don't wear cut off shorts to work etc.) then choose what makes you feel beautiful, or fun, or sophisticated, or cute or whatever and make it work for you!

These photos are selfies off my phone...I promise that I will up my game as these posts continue.  I will at the very least enlist my kids to take the photos instead of taking them in the mirror in my family room.  Oh, and I'll work on posing as well.  That's definitely going to be a challenge.

But for today...Enjoy!

We'll start with our Sunday Best.  This photo was taken right after church of me and my daughter.  I'm wearing a blush pink dress from Called to Surf.  Emma is wearing an adorable white dress from Who What Wear for Target.

I admit to feeling a bit sassy on Monday.  The top is from Hope Avenue, the floral pants are from Gap Outlet and the necklace is Banana Republic Outlet.

Casual Friday found me in a check button down with a half-front tuck from Target and jeans from Old Navy.

Finally, on Saturday I went to lunch with my sisters and my dad.  It was blazing hot and I wanted to stay cool so I wore this amazing drapey maxi which I purchased from a local boutique called Koodeker and slip-ons from  the Gap Outlet.

Have a great week, Lovelies!  And remember to feel beautiful!




ellen said...

I love your daughter's dress. I just searched the Target site and didn't find it. Do you have a link? Thank you!

apple said...

You look darling at does your daughter!The pink dress is so pretty. I love the shade of pink. I also really like the gingham blouse. I always like having a black and white check shirt of some kind. I'm always drawn to them. Would you mind mentioning where you bought your silver sandals? Do they have arch support in them? I think they are darling too. Thanks for sharing your outfits. It's fun to get new ideas. ��

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