Motivation Monday

Hello Lovelies,

Today I want to follow up on my 30 day challenge.  

In a nutshell, for those of you who don't want to click through and read the post (although I would totally recommend it)  I shared a bit about my weight loss journey which began just over a year ago.  

My success has leveled off and in an attempt to jump start it again, I decided that I would issue a challenge to myself (and anyone out there who might want to join me) to exercise every day for 30 days.

So how did I do?

I failed.  Miserably.  (Face Palm)

I exercised.  But sporadically.  I wasn't diligent about what I was eating.  In short, I really didn't put in the effort...and I didn't lose any weight.  Big shock, right?

This is a before and after taken right before I started losing weight and roughly 3 months into my weight loss

I debated whether or not I even wanted to follow up on my original challenge post.  I thought that if I just didn't address it then the original post would fade away into cyberspace and hopefully no one would even remember.

But I want to be honest with myself.

Since I started my year of transformation, I have been making a lot of changes and one of the biggest is delving into the reasons that I have had difficulty achieving some of my goals.  My weight is something that I have struggled with my entire life.  I went through a chubby phase in elementary school, and although I grew out of it, I had already developed a very negative body image.

I was thin throughout Jr. High, High School, and College but I was constantly dieting.  I always thought that if I could just lose a couple of pounds or an inch or two around my thighs, life would be perfect.  Well, we all know that's not the case.  But that was my mindset.

And even though I realized, as I entered into adulthood, that I had a warped view of my body, my relationship with eating and weight loss was already ingrained in me.  I have realized a lot of other things about my relationship with food, my feelings about my body and other related items which I will discuss in future posts.

But for now, one thing I have learned is that I need support and accountability.  So I have gone back to Weight Watchers.  As some of you may remember, I attained my lifetime status a few months back, and so I quit going to meetings and got a bit lax.  I haven't really gained any weight (a couple of pounds that come and go) but I haven't lost any more, which is something I still want to do.

I guess I should explain that since I just said that I received lifetime status.  You see, I set my goal at the top end of my healthy weight range, and then maintained it for six weeks so that I could receive my lifetime status.  But I am small boned and actually feel better when I weigh toward the bottom end of my healthy weight range.  So I would still like to lose just over 20 lbs. 

The one thing that I learned through all of this is that I really need to attend meetings and weigh in.  The accountability of having to stand in front of my weight loss leader weekly and show the progress (or lack thereof) that I've made is very motivating for me.

And when I see the scale changing, it is more motivating for me to work out.

Soooo, all of that said, I'm starting fresh here at the beginning of September.
I'm attending Weight Watchers meetings and I'm working out.  And I'll check in with you as well..and let you know how it's going.  And if anyone out there is trying to lose weight or just get in better shape, let me know in the comments.  I'd love to give you any support I can toward your goal.  These are the only bodies we get, let's do right by them!




Lisa said...

Trim Healthy Mama changed the way I will eat forever. A quick stroll through the THM Facebook page speaks volumes. It works.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Wendy! Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your journey. I am turning 45 this year, too, and am finding it hard to maintain my weight. I want to be healthier in all areas of my life and be a good role model for my kids. I am trying the "100 days of real food" and am learning a lot about eating healthier through the process. Giving up sugar is so hard for me. I love my sweet tea and chocolate! I mess up but then I try to start fresh the next day. I agree that support and accountability are so important. My husband is not willing to change his eating habits with me, so that has been hard. I hope that things are going well for you. Good luck with Weight Watchers and keep us posted!

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