My Trip to England Part IV: Windsor

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Welcome to the 4th and final installment of my trip to England - Windsor.

I share some great places to visit and some helpful travel trips in the previous three posts, so if you missed any of them, you can catch up on them here...

But now on to Windsor.

I'll admit it.  I am obsessed with all things British and with the Royal Family (of course!)  So like pretty much everyone else in the world, I was glued to all the coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex).  And what made watching the wedding all that much better was the fact that I had been in that very place just two weeks prior!

Windsor was one of my favorite places that we visited during my trip to England - second only to the Cotswolds.  It was such a charming town and the fact that Windsor Castle was right in the center made it even better!

You can actually take a tour of the castle grounds, but we opted not to on this particular day (large groups of students were in town).  There was a palpable excitement throughout the town as they readied for the big day.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.  We left the rainy weather in London and took a short train ride to Windsor where the skies were overcast, but the rain held off.  I think that using public transport is a great way to see Great Britain. It's convenient and honestly, I love the train stations.  

We had no set agenda, so we literally just wandered the streets of town soaking it all in.
Eton, the private school attended by Prince Harry when he was younger is located here, and we walked down across the River Thames that runs through the town toward the school.  We saw the students walking between classes wearing their school uniforms of morning coats and bow ties.  I'll be honest, I wish my boys had to dress up for school.  :-)

As we crossed the bridge back over the river, Windsor Castle rose on a hill above us.  It was spectacular!

One of my favorite little discoveries was the crooked house of Windsor.  Quirky architecture sure makes a place charming!

Of course, there was plenty of pretty, classic architecture as well.  

If you find yourself in England, I highly recommend taking a day to visit Windsor.  It will charm your socks off.  

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