Our Homes as Sanctuaries: Resources For Renters

In all of my discussion about our homes being sanctuaries, and how they can help us heal from emotional trauma, I wanted to make sure that my readers who rent didn't feel like they were unable to create sanctuaries for themselves because their spaces don't "belong" to them.

I can promise you that this is not the case.

For most of my adult life, I have been a renter.  Aside from the two years my then-husband I owned a home, and the home which I purchased after my divorce (Hydeaway Cottage- where my children and I currently live) I have always rented.  So I know a great deal about how to make a space that isn't technically "yours" feel like it is.

And today I wanted to compile a few of my best posts on how to make rental spaces feel like your own.  There is really no reason why you can't make any space you live in a sanctuary.  No matter where you are or what your circumstance.  It's the intentionality of what you do with it that creates the sanctuary in it - not the space itself, not the cost, not the color of the walls, or the furniture.  It's the love, authenticity and as I mentioned, intentionality.

But since you are here on my site, my guess is that you love decorating as much as I do.

So here are a few ideas to help you out... (links are below each photo)

My hope is that you can create a home wherever you are.  And that you can make your home a refuge from the cares of the world, a place where you feel happy, calm, and content.


Our Homes Our Sanctuaries Blog Series

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