The Curated Lifestyle

11:23 AM
When I turned 45, I figured something out.  Age is not my enemy.  I have embraced where I am in my life, and I want to help others embrace it too.  That’s why I have developed The Curated Lifestyle.

How to create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted.  

You’ve tried the trends.  You’ve jumped on the bandwagon.  You’ve followed the fads.  You’ve tried to find yourself.  But now you’re wiser – more confident in your own skin.  You’ve learned that being the woman you were meant to be is the most important way to live your life.  And you are ready to make a change.  You are ready to embrace your life experience (some might call it age – but that is not how we measure women around here) and to create the sort of life you’ve always want to lead.

You have a sophistication and a worldliness that only comes with a certain level of maturity and you are ready to embrace your innate elegance,  your inherent grace.  You are ready to develop a curated lifestyle.  

Here at Wendy Hyde, my goal is to help every woman create an elegant and distinctive lifestyle that is also comfortable and welcoming.  Living life in this way promotes joy, confidence, success and authenticity.

By joining my burgeoning group of Perennials, you will develop a lifestyle that will help you to pursue and reach your goals and to project confidence and vitality in all that you do.  The path to developing a curated lifestyle focuses on six distinct areas of growth:

1. Your look
2. Your environment
3. Your health
4. Your relationships
5. Your talents
6. Your finances

    The curated lifestyle is all about transformation.  Whether you are a professional, a work-from-home entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom or something else entirely, you can and will benefit from implementing these ideas and guidelines in your life.

    Dressing in a way that flatters your physical traits, body type and coloring, as well as your personal style will increase your confidence levels and transform your self-perception.

    Creating an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and organized will transform your day-to-day life.

    Working on your health through diet and exercise will increase energy and also contribute to emotional well-being.

    Developing personal relationships with friends and nurturing familial bonds will create deep-seated joy.

    Honing your talents will add a layer of refinement to your new lifestyle.

    And gaining control over your finances will give you the freedom to pursue each of these goals without undue stress.

    Women over the age of 40 are one of the most influential segments of society.  As a group, and as individuals, we have so much to offer the world.  By working to help you develop a curated lifestyle, I hope to aid you in creating a strong foundation for you to go out and make your mark on the world.

    Perennial Power!

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