Baby food jars?

9:28 PM

So having recently left the baby food stage, I had an overload of jars and decided that I should try and do something with them. So here are a couple of ideas...

Votive Holders : pop in a couple of tea lights and they look absolutely lovely. I personally prefer the simplicity of the plain jars, but they also look great dressed up with ribbon. Or you can get adventurous and use some fine guage wire wrapped around the neck of the jar to make hanging votives.

And here's a little project that's also fun to do with the kiddos...

Some tissue paper and a little Mod Podge and you can decorate the jars for every holiday imaginable. The young 'uns and I made these for Valentine's Day! See how pretty they look all lit up. (Make sure you pay attention to them when you have candles burning, however).

And finally, look at this fun little project I did after our first trip to the beach with One as a baby. I found little pictures of lighthouses and boats in magazines. Then I was lucky enough to find the words "first day at the beach". I decoupaged them to the lid using my favorite Mod Podge and put all of the shells we collected that day inside. Such a fun keepsake!


Jennifer said...

I love those! I could definitely do the first one, but other two don't seem to difficult either! thanks for the fun ideas. I'll post them when we do it. OK, are you going to get so sick of me commenting on every post that "I love it?" I really like your style, I'm not just being nice :)
Can you show how to make those magnets sometime? Also, is there a certain kind of modgepodge that is better than others? I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't even know what modgepodge is.

Wendy said...

Jen...I love the fact that you makes me feel good :) and heaven knows we all need that right? Anyway, I just use the brand Mod Podge. I haven't really tried any of the others, so I can't compare. But I really like it, and a little goes a looooong way. I promise to post the magnets soon.

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