The back door...

3:44 PM

Since I have mentioned so much about our back door I thought I might post a few photos...

Where we live in the Northeast, it seems like most people actually use their back doors as the main entrance to their homes. This year I decided the little porch (and I mean little) needed some color, so I found this cute planter at Walmart (for something like $6) and planted some impatiens.
I'm not much of a gardner, but I do know impatiens like the shade. But my friend had actually given me these plants. They weren't in bloom, and they didn't have the little stick that tells you what they are, so I planted them and put them in a spot that gets full sun. They've actually done really well considering. They get a little wilty (is that a word?) during the heat of the day, but they always perk up again at night.

I love the porch lights. The Hubby picked them out to replace the brass lights that were here when we bought the place.

The last picture shows the planting bed that wraps around the front of the house to the back (well, it's really the side) door. I tried to add a little color this year. I love the pink. **Try not to notice the fact that my hosta is looking a little yellow - I'm not sure what's wrong with it.**
So there you have it...a little tour of my back door. (cute rhyme, huh?)

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Mrs. Jones said...

It could be unhappy because they tend to prefer shade.

I love your blog!! Found you through TCB. Thanks for all the great ideas.


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