My mother is a collector. She collects just about everything. I'm not really a collector. But I do have a few smallish collections of things (well, a big collection of crafting supplies, photos, and home decor books - but those don't really count.) One thing my mother taught me is the art of displaying a collection. Here are a couple of my favorites at my nest...

These two jars sit together in my bathroom. Yes, in my bathroom. They each house a prized collection. The tall jar has my seashell collection. My family LOOOOOOVES the beach. Especially the beach in Maine. Pretty much any beach in Maine. I also love the color white. So most of the seashells are white...although I have thrown in a couple of random pieces of sea glass as well. (Sea glass is much harder to find than sea shells are). Oh, and a wishing stone. (Wishing stones are rocks with a ring of color in an unbroken circle all the way around. Make a wish on one then give it away and the wish will come true...I got mine from my cute sister-in-law in Maine who happened to find it on the beach.)

Then there is that cute little canning jar. A dear friend of mine gave it to me a couple of years ago for Christmas with some of her homemade jam inside. (mmmmm good stuff!) But I loved the shape of the jar so I had to find something to put in it. While visiting my mother, I scavenged some of her buttons - only the white ones. Don't they look pretty in the tiny jar.

I wish this was a better photo...but I used some of the prettiest white buttons to make this "wall art". The captions under each stack of buttons read "live", "laugh", "love". Simple.

I don't collect rocks. My kiddos do, but that's another story. I thought this jar should be included, however. This is our "rock jar". When the kiddos do an unexpected random act of kindness, Momma puts a rock in the jar. When the jar is full, the kiddos get a special treat. The kiddos must be on a roll, 'cause the jar is looking full! But, truthfully, I just wanted to show y'all how pretty it looks. The old canning jar came from The Hubby's grandmother's house. Filled with the stones, it makes a nice addition to the kitchen counter. Really it does.

How do you display your collections?~


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the rock idea in the jar! I have been looking for some system like that for my girls. I am all about postive reinforcement so I am totally doing this one.. Plus I have the rocks on my counter.. I'm raiding Grandma's for a jar tomorrow :)

Connie said...

I love jars and I collect some things. I am been containing my son's rock collection in a paper bag but now I am going to find a great jar for it! What a great idea!

And NOW....I want to go to Maine. Reading your blog is going to cost my husband a pretty penny!

I collect....teapots and cups, moose for my guest room and ex-husbands. I do not display my ex-husbands.

Crystal said...

I'm going to have to find a jar for my daughter's shell collection. Thanks for the idea!

Saucy said...

I'm a jar girl, and a frame girl too. I like your style.

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