Hooray for chalkboard paint!

10:28 PM

The entryway just inside our backdoor was a hodge podge of closets when we moved in. We made our "wicked awesome" budbench out of one closet. We really needed the other one for a coat closet/broom closet so we left it. Problem was it was ugly. And I mean ugly. All of the doors in our house are hollow core cheapies. So the question was...how do we make them look better without replacing them? The answer for this door was chalkboard paint! Too bad this picture isn't better...as you can see the door is in a bit of an odd space...right next to the back door. (You can't open both doors at the same time.)

Now at least it looks cute, and it's functional too! Can't beat that. Add a cute little basket to hold the chalk and erasers and it makes a nice reminder board just before you leave the house. Truth is, I love chalkboards (I have them all over) and now I can't get enough of chalkboard paint. I've got all kinds of little projects planned for this great invention...I'm thinking flowerpots, boxes, the wall inside the boys closet (I'll explain that later)...the possibilities are endless. But, for now, I'm happy with my door.


Kyle said...

That is so cool! This chalkboard paint idea is new to me. Holly was talking about it recently, but I can't remember what for. I love the door! Such a great idea!

Carin Davis said...

i am drooling over every post!!! the chalk board painted door is fabulous- but to have the chalk basket on the knob is ingenious!!!!

Saucy said...

Chalkboard paint saves the day!

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