Jen...this one's for you.

My mother always says that ideas are like germs. They float around in the air, and all you have to do is catch them. I kind of think that is true. I felt like I was so original to come up with this idea, but since I made them I have seen the same idea cropping up all over the place. (No thanks to me, of course!)

They are a fun and easy project.

You need:

Glass beads: I like the large (1-1 1/2") size but you can use any size. I found mine in Target in the flowers and vases section. A whole bag only cost $4.99!

Scrapbook paper: or in the case of the bee magnets, I drew the image myself and photocopied it...shrank it, enlarged it etc. And the toile magnets are made with pieces of fabric...I love TOILE! And have I mentioned before how much I love BEES?


Mod Podge: Of course!

Magnets: I use the round ones you can find at any craft store.

Hot Glue: To glue the magnets on the back.

The way I actually made them is by cutting the paper (or fabric) into squares just larger than the beads.

I put Mod Podge on the flat side of the bead and centered the image just where I wanted it (you can see the image even when the Mod Podge is not dry.)

I didn't put a coat of Mod Podge on the back of the paper although you certainly could, but I did coat the back of the fabric with Mod Podge.

After the Mod Podge was sufficiently dry, I cut around the edge of the bead trimming the paper (or fabric) as close as I could.

Then I hot glued on the magnets.


I have seen them made by layering on different papers etc. which can make them much fancier, but I usually make them with my kiddos and so try to keep it as simple as possible.

They make great gifts...this year we gave them to One's school teachers at the end of the the Hubby, Grandpa and Papa for Father's day...and to my cute sister-in-law for her birthday.

Happy Crafting~


Jillinda said...

Um, you drew the bee. Okay you are sounding more and more like my sister Andrea. Is there anything you can't do!?!

I love Toile too.

Tarina said...

Okay to all of your posts so far on the Shabby nest, SIMPLY AMAZING and INCREDIBLE TALENT!! You're hired, now do you want to come to my house and use your decorating abilities here. Between you and Andrea I would have it made :)

Kyle said...

Thank you!!!! I have asked a couple of people to tell me how they made those and they say "Oh they are so easy" I'm thinking, sure but I need instructions!!!!! Even where to get the magnets, is a question I had!! I did get one good tip from a friend, she said that she found those glass bead things at the dollar store! I'll have to go and look.

Wendy said...

Dollar Store!? I better go look too! THANKS!

Wendy said...
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