Wish box

10:53 PM

The kiddos and I made this sweet wish box for Grandpa's birthday. We bought the little chipboard box at Michael's craft, embellished it with his photo (all dolled up for his birthday) and some happy birthday ribbon. I saw a similar photo idea on a blog recently but the photo was used as cupcake toppers (very cute! wish I could remember what blog I saw it on.)

Then we wrote our wishes for him on scrapbook paper which we rolled tightly and put inside. Grandpa is a professional artist, so the Princess said "I wish that you can get a brand new really, really big box of paints!" Sweet, huh? Grandpa thought so. Happy crafting~


Unknown said...

AAhhhhhh! That is so sweet he will treasure it forever!

Holly said...
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Darlene said...

That is too cute....he will LOVE it!!

Valarie Lea said...

That is such a sweet idea!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Just found your blog - don't remember how, but love your style. I will definitely be tuning in for more.

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