This I Love: Tutorial Edition~

I've mentioned my love of Serena and Lily on this blog before....a few times, actually. One of the things I love the most about their catalog (aside from the drool worthy bedding etc.) is the photo styling. They have some amazing decorating ideas going on in that catalog.

The other day I was on their site looking for a photo that I wanted to share with you all (which I couldn't find, by the way...maybe I'll have to scan it for you) when I ran across a section they call "Inspiration". With a name like that, you know I couldn't resist clicking on it....and I wasn't disappointed.

And what did I find? The good people at Serena and Lily offer some tutorials for some of their great decorating ideas. Yes they do.

(These images are quite're definitely going to want to go their site and check out the real tutorials - 6 of them in they have downloadable PDFs of each project!)

I've always love this idea of hanging the paper hats over a child's bed!

I love painted floors....and this one is adorable!

If you've read my blog for very long at all, you know how I love a chalkboard. This idea is fabulous!

All Images from Serena and Lily
And finally, this great blueprint idea. I think this would translate really well to an adult space also.

Hop over and get inspired...

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Have a great Thursday~


rachel blazer said...

OOH! thanks for this post- i am painting the floors in our new home, and i wanted to do a little pattern in the guest room/sewing/craft/mommy room! that tutorial is perfect, and i wouldn't have found it myself!

your houzz interview is great- congratulations! i plan to 'copy' your laundry space in our new house, so i bookmarked that picture. : )
happy thursday,

Tricia said...

What great tutorials. Who doesn't love that?! I adore the idea of the chalk wallpaper.
Thanks for sharing.]

The Whispering Creek House said...

Please visit my blog I gave you an award!

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