Getting there~

Snow just keeps falling around here. You'd think it was winter or something like that. ;-) But the snow didn't keep us from having a really busy weekend. Friday evening, the Hubby and I took all 4 kiddos with us to IKEA so that we could check out some of the ideas I have swirling around in my little old head. Post to come, I promise. Our trip was....eventful...if not exactly successful. We decided next time we'll hire a babysitter and call it a date.

Saturday was spent trying to work on this project...

Anyone care to guess what this is?...
A 4' x 4' piece of underlayment, perhaps. The perfect beginning to what is going to be my chalkboard.

And here is the hubby, happily cutting 1 x 3's for the frame. Seriously. That smile isn't just for the camera. He loves building things!!

The frame is in the basement, glued, nailed, clamped and drying. Soon it will be attached to the (now-painted) underlayment board and our chalkboard will be complete! Can't wait to show you. Unfortunately for my "want-it-done-yesterday" self, these things take time. And being the perfectionist that he is, the hubby won't do a job half-way. But it should be ready later this week.

Until then, here is another fabulous reader-interpretation of my mini-mudroom.

I got an email last week from Dana who said,

Hello Wendy

I had been searching the web for months to find a picture of a “Mini Mudroom” in order to explain to our general contractor what we were looking to do. I came across your blog and literally almost jumped out of my chair because I was like “That is it!”

We have had our mini mudroom in for about 2 ½ weeks now and just love it!!!
Thank you for your great ideas!!!!

Photos of Mudroom courtesy of reader Dana.

Thanks for sharing, Dana! I love it!! The best part of blogging is seeing my ideas inspiring others!!

Have a great day~


Shell in your Pocket said...

Love the picture of that mudroom!

sandy toe

Unknown said...

Ohhh, love it, I want a mini mud room!!

Kathy Campbell said...

So fantastic! You've also given me inspiration to love the bead board that is all over our house.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Noice, noice! Gives me ideas!

Emilie said...

I found your blog through a link on another persons, and I fell in love! I wish I had my own house to decorate now. Your ideas are amazing :)

SarahAnne said...

I am like you - "want it done yesterday" - and am married to the guy who won't do anything half-heartedly and does it with precision and care. I think we need them, otherwise some things in our house would not look so pretty, or would take more time to complete because we'd screw up the first try b/c of lack of patience and have to do it all over again. Thank goodness for the balance we've found ;o)

Cute mudroom - I want really need one but don't have a place to put one. :( I'll just covet yours for a while longer. :)

Shannon said...

Can't wait to see the chalkboard!

Dreams of Perfection said...

The mini-mud room is definitely fabulous!!

LuLu said...

Can't wait to see the chalkboard i know i'm going to love it!!!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the chalkboard. That mini mudroom is killing me-- so darn cute!

MamaBug said...

Fun stuff!

Dana, love the new mini-mudroom!

Kasey said...


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