30 Strangers~

12:02 PM
The Princess and I made the 40+ mile trek to Provo yesterday for our 30 Strangers photo session with Justin Hackworth. It was so much fun! The Princess charmed Justin (as she does just about everyone she meets) even though the she used only one word or a shrug to answer his questions. Have I ever mentioned my kids are shy? Well, they are. Well, the two oldest ones are anyway. But when they get in front of the camera, they take a great picture, my kids. Go here to check out a few of the photos from yesterday's session.

Thanks Justin!!

Oh, and while I was in the vicinity, I took the opportunity to stop in to Alice Lane. Oh. my. decorating. goodness. More on that next week. (I'm such a tease.)

Have a great weekend.


Tricia said...

What fun for you and your daughter. It's so great that you share a passion.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Beautiful photos...funny comment about your "BIG" family! Janell

raggygirlvintage said...

I took a look at your photos, they came out so great, nice and relaxed, you and your princess don't look posed at all!

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Beautiful photos!

Melissa said...

You are both beautiful~love the pics! Yea, I've kind of noticed that bigger families aren't the norm out here :)

paige said...

wow, what fantastic pictures!!
she is a doll & i love her fashion style
you are looking fabulous my dear

Holly said...

The pictures are stunning. That little girl is nothing short of amazing. I am really excited for you!!

I am sorry that I didn't give credit where credit was due on your lovely photos of my little miss. You too are a primo photographer!!! :) :)

I may have to edit that into my post. ;)

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