Ahhhh summer~

1:12 AM
I'm feeling much better now.

Our AC is working, and it's down right pleasant in our house today. Lovin' the fact that I can sit upstairs and not sweat.

And I did go spend the afternoon at the pool yesterday with one of my favorite people, her little people, and my little people. Nothing like a lazy day at the pool to change your perspective on life.

So I had a couple of readers ask me questions on yesterday's post, and I want to take a minute and answer them...

First up, Amy asked how I get the colors in my photos to look "that way".... My answer? Picnik.com. Picnik is a fabulous online photo editing website, and many of their actions are free. In fact, all of the editing I did to the photos in yesterday's post was done for free. The website is a lot of fun, and very user friendly! You can thank me later. ;-)

Next, Joyce asked about my toenail polish. It's Pure Ice from Bari Cosmetics. I purchased mine at Wally World. I wanted something a little sassy, but still summery! Nothing like a cheery blue on your toes to make you smile!!

I know my blog has been a little light on the decor posts lately....but I've been busy with all kinds of Decorating Consultations, so I'll have some fun posts coming up for you soon!!

Have a great day~


Angela said...

Praise the Lord for AC that works!

Maxabella said...

I'd love to dip in and grab one of those ice blocks right now!

I've kept an eye on your blog for a while and I'm following you today. I really enjoy it.

Amy said...

Thank you! I have used picnik, I was just wondering if you used something fancy! May I ask what application you used on there to do that? The colors look so dreamy!

Life in Rehab said...

I was just apologizing yesterday for becoming "Blogger Lite" over the summer. I think we're just all so darned busy!

Unknown said...

I have been enjoying your posts, decorating stuff or not. I love to hear about your time with your sister as I follow her blog too! I'm so happy you ladies are having fun together. :)

Lindsay said...

Glad your AC is working again :) I bet you are HAPPY!

Unknown said...

Whoo hoo for AC!

Jenni said...

Hi Wendy~

I am so glad your AC is working now! I know you have got to be feeling A LOT better! Last summer, we had temps reaching 100 for a few days, but most houses here don't have air conditioning, and we were sweltering! Ugh! But now at least you're feeling more comfortable inside your home! :)

Thanks for sharing about Piknik~ I had heard of them before, but forgotten their name, so I can check it out! :)

I hope you stay cool and have a beautiful day!

Maggie Mae said...

Hooray for decorating consultations. I hope they just keep coming! You deserve lots of clients.

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