Linky Love~

What would you think if I said that I didn't find many interesting posts from last week's Frugal Friday?
Well, I hope you would say "Who are you? And what have you done with Wendy?"
Or better yet, I hope you would take me right to the hospital to check for head injuries, because just like every week, the inspiring posts from last week's party were amazing! Here are a just a few of my favorites...

Freckled Laundry shared a wonderful organization station! That girl is just so full of great ideas!

Jones Design Co. shared her absolutely amazing painted wallpaper. L.O.V.E. x 100 to the 3rd power.

Grams shared her Ballard Design-inspired laundry drying rack. I'm gonna have to make me one of these. I've been coveting that rack forever!

And finally, Dirt Cheap Decor shared a fabulous bedroom redo. Lovin' the reclaimed door headboard.

As always, the Frugal Friday participants knocked it out of the park! If you missed out on the fun, click here.

Oh, and in other news, today is National Smores Day! Yep, they have an entire day dedicated to those yummy treats...come back tomorrow to see how my little family is celebrating!!


Maxabella said...

I forgot about Frugal Friday last week, thanks for the reminder. I'm click click clicking!

bj said...

These are so amazing..
I forgot Frugal Friday...I will try to link soon..

Kasey said...

those are fabulous.

Unknown said...

I love them all. I feature the Dirt Cheap Decor makeover this week too. Going to check out that organization station now.

Unknown said...

Great ideas, as always!

Unknown said...

Oh you! Thank you so much for featuring my organization station (and for your sweet comment). I was poppin' over to say hello & see what you had going on around here (I have some catching up to do) and what a nice surprise! Love your other picks too. I need one of those drying racks myself. If I can't find the wrought iron bed that I'm after soon, I might have to do the old door headboard...
that is VERY cool.

Thanks again, Wendy!


Leigh said...

I'm just tickled to see that you featured my bedroom makeover! Tons of great projects, thanks for hosting!

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