Looking at my Home Through a Different Set of Eyes~

12:39 AM
Have you ever wondered what it is that other people "see" when they visit your home? What are the things that they notice? We, especially those of us who write and frequent home decor blogs, take such pains to decorate our homes. We spend hours (if not days or months) agonizing over the smallest details. Does all of our careful planning and preening get noticed or ignored?

Well, I had the chance to find out a few weeks back, when my sister posted some photos of my house on her blog. The things that she thought were pretty. The things that intrigued her.

So I did what any other home-decor-obsessed-blogging-sister would do, I lifted borrowed some of the photos she took right off her blog, and posted them here for you to see.

A detail from my main bath...a corner medallion I found at the Brimfield Antique Fair and an apothecary jar filled to the brim with pretty soaps.

And I have actually been meaning to blog this for a while, so I'm glad she did. I repurposed this pretty key holder which I received from my dear friend Kasey, into a necklace holder in my master bath....it's useful art now! (Oh, and in the background....my well-read wreath holds court above la toilette.

I just love this photo....these are the hubby's shoes, complete with wooden shoe trees, lined up on the floor in front of our closet.

My stash of catalogs on the side of my linen cupboard.

A still life from my mantel.

Another still life from the buffet in my kitchen.

Of course, if you'd like to see the entire post, you could always visit her here.

Thanks for the peek at my own home, Holls....you're a peach!

And just a reminder that Frugal Friday goes up at 10:00 EST tonight...that's 2 hours earlier than normal! See you there!


katlupe said...

I love your key holder turned into a necklace holder! That is a great idea and I might steal it. Love your hubby's shoes!

Laura said...

I would love to know other opinions of my house.. When walking though the door the adjectives used most are cozy, cute, homely and welcoming... As my house is the size of a shoe box, I'm happy with these... I'd be more suspicious if they said it was palatial, grand and awe inspiring! Your home looks beautiful... Kudos to your sister! Lx

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, it is certainly hard to see ones house with fresh eyes, photos are always very helpful and a few days away. I'm always surprised to come back after a few days away, it makes me really appreciate my home! Off to check out the post! Janell

LouAnneL said...

I agree with your sister.. you have a very restful home.

Kirby said...

My husband and I were just on that same subject last night about what people think when they walk into our home. Love your necklace holder I have one similar to that one that I also keep my necklaces on! No more knots!

Andrea said...

I have often thought of that myself. I find that people who aren't really 'into' decorating get more of an overall impression of a nice, cozy home (at least that's what they tell me =). People who love to decorate as we do seem to notice and appreciate all those little details, and sympathize with my decorating woes and tricky spots. I started my blog to connect with others who feel the way I do about decorating and spare my friends from talking to them about it when they're just not at all into it =)

Lulu and Co. said...

I loved seeing bits of your home through your sister's lens! She captured such charm!!
I wonder what someone would capture of mine....
has me thinking that i hope it's not my wood floors that need cleaning LOL

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