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2:22 AM
Hello, my dear readers. I'm trying very hard to keep my eyes open and finish my Frugal Round-up post, but my heavy eyelids are winning. We spent the better part of yesterday at the Orthopedic Surgeon's office having stitches and staples removed and recasting John's leg. Ouch! I felt so bad for him. My hubby is one tough guy. I mean really. A big, strong, tough guy. But when they wheeled him down and took xrays of his leg, I could hear him scream out in pain. It broke my heart. The xrays revealed that his leg is healing well, but he still won't be able to put any weight on it for another 6 weeks. And all that movement of his leg, not to mention fitting it with a new boot and a new knee brace, made it really sore. Poor guy hasn't been able to get the pain under control yet.

But can I ask you? What is it about men that makes them want to bring home copies of their xrays? Lots of metal plates and countless screws holding his right leg together now, and he wants images of it. It makes me shudder.

We're off to the hospital again today to xray his chest. Here's hoping those fluid levels have gone down. Keeping my fingers crossed.

On a lighter note....

Today is Mr. Two's 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Boo!!! This boy is so sweet and so bright. He tells the best stories ever, and is absolutely hilarious. He lights up our days! I'm so thankful for him! Still working hard on his highly anticipated Pirate Birthday Party...can't wait to share it all with you.

And I promise to get to that Frugal Round-up post when I'm wider awake...hope you all can bear with me.

Have a great Thursday~


Ratty Hugs said...

"What is it about men that makes them want to bring home copies of their xrays?"
Well I can't say why guys do it but with mine, it was to see how my body was held together. The human body is a miracle and the more I know about mine makes it easier to understand that miracle.
I do think with guys, it is to show all the 'hardware' holding them together, shortly followed by a 'tool guy grunt'. HTH

Maillardville Manor said...

I asked the same question when my husband had surgery!
I think it's very sweet that you are worried about getting your post out! You're going through a crisis right now, I'm impressed your still posting at all! You are one tough, dedicated lady. Dedicated to your husband and your fabulous blog.
Lots of love and healing thoughts to you and your husband :)
c/o Maillardville Manor

Christina said...

Get some sleep, and don't worry about this! :)

cindy said...

Been keeping your family in my thoughts....thankfully we haven't had any broken bones yet, but when we do, I'm sure my guys would want the xrays too. They'd look stunning in a mancave, but my little cottage? Not so much. :)

Take care of yourself, enjoy your cute little guys b-day, and know your bloggy friends are supporting you with cyber hugs. Which is a kinda creepy thought, actually...

paige said...

its not a fun place to be having to watch your hubby be the vulnerable one....sheesh.
the xray thing is too funny. they all do that don't they?

happy bday to your little man!
hope you had sweet dreams

Unknown said...

You have your priorities straight! Your family needs you...sending lots of happy, good thoughts your way.
Happy Birthday to that sweet little boy!

Laura said...

Oh, your poor hubby! I hope the chest x-rays went well & the fluid level is down.
You can always frame those x-rays & hang them in your living room to add to the "hospital chic" design!
Happy birthday to your sweet Mr. Two!

Sew Here We Are said...

Hubby and all of you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday Mr. Two! Hope it is a wonderful day. My oldest grandson tuns 13 today, His poor moma :-)
Have a beautiful day!

glor said...

Happy Birthday to little Boo .. what a handsome young man. And good thoughts and lots of prayers going you and hubbie's way. Tough time right now, take good care of you too!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ouch! I am sending lots of prayers and postive thoughts your way for you AND your hubs and family!
Happy bd to mr two (boo) what a cutie!

Lindsay said...

Aww Happy Birthday to you boy! He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Praying for John-that the x-rays show low fluid and that he can get this pain under control quickly!
Happy b-day to your little man!
You've got your priorities in check, Frugal Round-ups can wait. ;)

vintage girl at heart said...

continued prayers~
that pirate party is looking like fun...
happy # 5 to your little boo!

Holly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!!! I wish I was there to give him birthday hugs. Give Johnny our love. Poor guy!! I can totally see him bringing his xrays home. That cracks me up. :):)

lynns said...

Happy birthday to your son!

My hubby loves his x-rays, too. I think it's the warrior in men that makes them want to look over their war wounds and battle scars. He was fascinated whenever I had to change his bandages, I was just grossed out. It took me weeks before I could put my hand over his knee, it would radiate heat like you wouldn't believe from all the healing going on in there!

Still praying for healing for your hubby! Hang in there! Lynn

Kelsey said...

not sure if the drs have suggested this or not, but if he is on bed rest he should really use an incentive spirometer to decrease the likelihood of getting pneumonia!

hope he starts feeling much better soon = )

Anonymous said...

Ouch sounds like it hurts! I had a friend who moved to Penn last year and her Husband fell and broke his leg before they even started unpacking- surgery and several months off the leg. Vicki proceeded to fall down their new home's stairs and surgery and several months off her leg!!!! They had pictures in their christmas cards with them both in casts!

bee blessed

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

Happy 5!!!! Such a great age!

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