Sock Monkey Room Revisited~

The last time I posted about the little boys' sock monkey room, I mentioned that I was 99% percent done with the room. Well, this weekend I got busy finishing two of the three projects that were still on my to-do list for the room.

First up, curtains. I have been wanting to add long curtains to the far wall of the room. (I don't have a before picture of the wall without curtains (my bad, sorry), but trust me when I say that the wall was boring...and that it was just begging for curtains.

So here is the AFTER.

And can I just say that I love the current style of long straight curtains for window treatments? In the mid-90's I worked for a design firm that had a "signature" window treatment. No, seriously, they did. Pretty much every house that they did got the same basic window treatment....and can you say "fussy"? Of course, that was the style then. Swags, jabots, florals. Fussy. Why do I mention all that? Because there was really no way to do a window treatment like that unless you were an expert seamstress. But this window treatment? Easy-peasy.

As a matter of fact, you could totally do this no-sew. And it doesn't even require a tutorial. Here's what I did...

1. I bought about 6 yards of fabric.

2. I cut it to the proper length. (In this case, 93 inches...91 inches for length, 2 for hemming.)

3. I hemmed the top and bottom. (I didn't have to do anything to the sides...just left the selvedges. Too easy.)

4. I clipped the top edge of each panel to curtain rings.

5. I hung the rings from upholstery tacks. (Most people would use a curtain rod, but I didn't need these panels to be functional...they are purely decorative, and I have been using upholstery tacks throughout the room, so I used them here.)

That's it. And they look fabulous...just what the doctor ordered.

The other thing I finally did was change out the rug. The old rug was pretty. But that's just it. It was pretty. It wasn't at all boyish, and it bothered me. I originally put it there because it was the right color and I didn' t have a budget for a new rug. But everytime I looked at it, it said "girl-y" to me, and that just wouldn't do.

Then I lucked onto this rug from IKEA. The Kerby, for $14.99. Okay, so it's really kind of an indoor/outdoor mat. But it is very durable...and more importantly, it's the right colors. Tan and dark espresso brown. And more than that? The boys love it. It was the perfect touch.

Finally, I just had to show you were I put the "To the Moon and Back" print I got from cute Leslie at Glitter and Bliss.

Doesn't it look cute? It's just the right touch to the reading nook corner. Thanks again, Leslie!

So now the room is 99.8 % done. If I could just figure out what to do with the closet, it would be perfect. But, I'm happy with the changes I've made. And so are the boys!

Have a great Monday~


Artfulife said...

It looks great! I love how you added the fabric behind the bed also. It really softens the room.

Unknown said...

I love the room, very cute! The "Moon" artwork is adorable!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love this room - sweet and simple!

Unknown said...

Such a calm, cozy feel. I love the "to the moon and back" artwork and the photos. Darling.

Laura said...

I love this room - it's so warm & cozy! And I love the "to the moon & back" artwork!

Decor To Adore said...

The room looks great. What a great rug and the drapes finish it off beautifully!

Come by and enter my FAB FALL FRENCH GIVEAWAY.

Unknown said...

I fall in love with that bedroom every time I see it. Great job with the curtains.


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Adorable!! ;)Rachel

Unknown said...

It looks fantastic- what a great idea! Sock monkeys are just soo cute!!

Liz said...

I love it! I haven't done curtains in my babies' rooms yet, and my girl's room doesn't need darkening curtains because it is underneath the deck, so already very dark. Curtains can just be for pretties. I like that you used the upholstery tacks to hang the rings - that looks great and low-fuss. Perfect for a boy's room.

Tanya said...

Your boy's room looks great and they won't outgrow it anytime soon. Great job.

The Starr Family said...

Fantastic... you always keep it sharp and clean. I love it!

Noble Vintage said...

Love this room! And you know exactly why I love it? Because it looks great, and it looks like a kid would actually live/sleep/play in it! Thanks for such a practical and cool boys room!

Lydia said...

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