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See those two beautiful ladies in the photo with me? Those are my two sisters. Women I simply adore, and couldn't live without. Well, for 7 years I lived all the way across the country from them. And although I loved living in Massachusetts...being away from my sisters - my lifelines - was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

We would talk on the phone...but it could be challenging. With 13 kids between the three of us, conversations were often interrupted by little ones demanding our attention. (Have you ever noticed that kids have a built-in radar that alerts them the minute mom picks up the phone?) But we tried.

Then one day my sister, Kelly (the one in the blue), hit on the idea of email. OH YEAH, email! Hello? We don't live in the dark ages, you know. Technology to the rescue!!

And so we would email...daily...sometimes multiple times daily. And we were able to keep in touch. We were able to keep up on one another's lives. Probably even better than we were able to when we tried to talk on the phone. Because, we could form coherent sentences that weren't interrupted in the middle by a kiddo who needed to have his nose wiped. Well, actually they may have been interrupted for that very reason...but the recipient of the email would never know. ;-)

And since my other sister Holly (the one in the middle) still lives two states away, email is still a vital form of communication for us. And, to be honest, even though Kelly and I now live in the same state, we still email one another constantly too.

It's amazing, isn't it? The ability we have to communicate with someone by typing out a message and pressing send? Thank heavens for email...and for sisters who are smart enough to use it.

I just wanted to share this cute video because it reminds me of me and my sisters...

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~Shari said...

My sister and I do lots of emailing also. Lucky for us we only live a few hours away from each other.

Unknown said...

My sister and I are struggling right now to keep a relationship going while we are taking care of our Mom with Alzheimer's.

You've made me want to try a bit harder.

Brenda Pruitt said...


darcie said...

I can't even remember life without email! What did we DO without it?

Visit my #emaillove post here


Elaine Clark said...

I love your blog. On this post, I have to know where you and your sister, Holly, got your shirts. They are so pretty.

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