NestKeeping: Monthly Recap for June

Hi Everyone!  I know I mentioned that I might not be online today, but Boy 1 and I made a deal that he could get his birthday present first thing in the morning.  (Happy Birthday to my big 11-year-old - how did you grow up so fast?)   He'd been asking for Lego Star Wars 3 for Wii for about two months, and was absolutely sure he was going to get it.  (Of course he did...I couldn't have lived with his disappointment.)  So first thing this morning, we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he opened his present...and now all the kiddos are surrounding the TV happily checking out the new game.

So with the moment of peace and quiet, I decided to hurry and post June's Monthly Recap.  And all I can say about my posts for the month of June is that you can certainly tell I was getting ready to move. Ha!!    ;-)

Since I was moving I started out the month with a practical post on Tips to Keep You Sane While Moving


Then my posts became mostly about inspiration...after all, moving to a new house is a decorating adventure, and we all need inspiration when we start a new space, right?

I shared a great post on a fabulous site for Color Inspiration.

And I shared some lovely Girl's Bedroom Inspiration.

Restoration Hardware Kids

Because you're likely to want to throw a party when you're done moving into a new place, I also shared some chic not cheesy Luau Inspiration.

TomKat Studios
And because I was sharing inspiration, I thought you all might like this Traditional Living Room Mood Board that I did for a client.

Finally, when you're ready to take a break from it all, you might be interested in reading a good book.  Here's  a review I shared on Killer Stuff and Tons of Money.  (It's about Flea Markets and  Antiques...really interesting!)

Hope you enjoy catching up on any of these posts you may have missed in June!  I'm off to finish last minute preparations for Boy 1's 11-year-old extravaganza!!

Have a great day~


Papillon said...

Thanks for the June recaps-as a new9ish) follower,and one who is (hopefully) going to be moving house soon, I will look back at the posts and glean inspiration.
Good luck in your new home-happy decorating!!

Papillon said...
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Jedbel @ The Pear Tree Cottage said...

Thank you for this recap, I absolutely love the blog link for color inspiration!

Unknown said...

I love the colour site that you profiled. It has helped me so much in the past month.

Can't wait to see what is in your bag of tricks for July.

Erica said...

Thanks for a great inspiration!

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