My Life in Numbers~

12:13 PM
For your Wednesday reading enjoyment...

My life in numbers...

4- The number of children in this family that went back to school yesterday.

2- The number of parents in this family that did a little happy dance because said children went back to school yesterday ...don't get me wrong - love my kiddos - but also love a little peace and quiet. ;-)

24 - The appoximate number of hours spent painting rooms or furniture in this house in the past week or so.

5 - The number of times this momma has played Just Dance 3 on Wii with the Princess since Christmas.   This momma has rhythmmmmmm.

2 - The number of adorable in-laws who are expected to fly in for a visit today!

photo by The Hubby

4 - The number of grandkids who live in this house and are super excited for said visit.

15 - The number of pounds this momma has lost since September.  wahoooooo!!

10 - The number this momma has left to lose.

1203812984 - The approximate number of photos on my hard drive that need to be edited, organized and archived.

3 - The number of loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded. (hey, at least it's clean, right?)

16 - In fifteen days, this will be the number of years the Hubby and I have been married.

5775 - As of this writing, the number of fabulous friends who follow this blog on Google.

3575 - As of this writing, the number of fabulous friends who like this blog on Facebook.

2039 - As of this writing, the number of fabulous friends who hear my ramblings on Twitter.

1100 - The number of times I've "pinned" something on Pinterest.

955 - The number of posts written on this blog to date.

1 - The lady who loves writing this blog and connecting with all of you!

Have a great day!!!!!



Amy Waller said...

Such a fun post! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on losing the weight & a bigger congrats on the kiddos going back to school! Hehehe :-)

Paige said...

I love this post. Happy 2012! Happy blogging!

Piper said...

Happy New year!! What a fun post!! I may have to steal this idea...when I have some!!

Felecia Cofield said...

I love how you put everything in perspective using numbers! You and hubby make a handsome couple and you sure do have four cute kids! Blessings from Bama!

Emily said...

Good to hear that I'm not the ONLY one with a bajillion photos on my hard drive that need to be edited, organized, and archived! said...

Very cute post! Love your blog too! Happy New Year!

eleven-o-one said...

I've been doing the happy dance, too! Cute post.

Unknown said...

Not that I don't love all of your writing but this one in particular! :-)

Tracy Snyder said...

clever post. um, way to go on losing weight during the holidays. My kiddos go back to school tomorrow so I feel ya, I may be playing Just Dance 3 by myself to celebrate. LOL Congrats on the upcoming anniversary.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Umm liking your post of numbers! Congrats on the anniversary!!

Lulu and Co. said...

Happy New Year and happy numbers and accomplishments to you!!!!! Wishing you all the best in this wonderful new year,

Bebe said...

Please share your weight lose tips!!!

Christina said...

Love! And 15 pounds?! Wow!! Congrats...that's amazing & you look beautiful :) Happy almost anniversary!!

Creative Raisins said...

Love this post. My children go back to school tomorrow and I along with you will be doing the happy dance too. Congrats on your weight loss journey you have done fantastic. Have a great visit with the in-laws

Anonymous said...

Great post..
Happy 2012..

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