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Hello Lovelies!

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Today I wanted to share some easy DIY ideas for creating mudroom spaces in your home.  Let's face it.  Few of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated mudroom in our houses, but that doesn't mean that we can't create a space that will do the trick.  And it may just be easier to do than you think.

Let's take the past two homes my little family has lived in as examples.

When we lived in Massachusetts, we were in dire need of a mudroom space.  (If you've ever experienced winter in the NorthEast, you'll know what I'm talking about.)  But our house didn't have one.  So we decided to convert a rarely used closet by the backdoor into a mini-mudroom.

We started by removing the door.  Then we (and by we, I mean the hubby) framed out the closet to add a beadboard backing, hooks, and a bench.  After the framework was laid, I painted the interior, and created a cushion for the bench from an old crib mattress.  We added a laundry bin with a cute chalkboard label for shoes and VOILA!  We had a functional mini-mudroom to use as a landing spot when the kiddos came in with wet or muddy shoes. 

In our next home, we had an awkward area by the back door with a staircase leading to the finished basement, and a door leading to the kitchen.  We started by removing the door to create a more open space.  Then I "wallpapered" the wall between the back door and the kitchen with wrapping paper (yes, I did say wrapping paper) to give it visual appeal. Two rows of hooks were perfect for both coats and school bags. We placed a bench just inside the kitchen door with a boot tray underneath to catch those dirty shoes, and a kitchen rack above for storage.  I like to call this version our makeshift mudroom because it was a bit unexpected, but very functional.

I guess you could call both of  these "lemonade mudrooms" because they both started with "lemon" areas that were just not functioning for our family and ended up being perfect, functional areas that really worked for us! So don't be discouraged if you are need of a mudroom area, but don't have one.  Just think outside the box a little bit.  With a little elbow grease, you can almost certainly create a space that will fit the bill perfectly!

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Unknown said...

Wendy, love your mudroom ideas - and your blog!

Carli-Made by Carli said...

Beautiful little spaces Wendy! where did you live in MA? I'm MA born and raised!

{northern cottage} said...

lovely lovely yet such very very functional spaces. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS well done!


Unknown said...

I love these spaces. They were my introduction to you. The introduction of a lot of good ideas to come.

Anonymous said...

Great post -- and I love the "lemonade" idea.

Anonymous said...

Love all of the ideas..
Mudrooms have come a long way..

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