How I Turned my Art into a Pillow~

Today I wanted to quickly share how I made the Ballerina pillow in the  Princess' bedroom.

I have posted the basic process before.  You can find the post here.

That post is actually for Halloween bags, but the mechanics of how to do the art transfer are there.  For the pillows, there are a just a few differences that I will touch on here.

First, for the bags, I used clip art.  This is a great option.  There are many sites online for free clip art.  For the Princess' pillow, however, I used one of my own drawings.  I simply scanned it into the computer and saved it as a JPEG file.

Then, (and you can read the mechanics of this process in the other post) I printed it out on photo transfer paper, and ironed it onto the pillow fabric.

For this particular pillow, I wanted the image to be a patch, so I cut it out and sewed it onto the pillow.  You can, however, simply use the ironed on image as the front of your pillow.  Then  just sew the pillow together and embellish if you'd'll note that on the Princess' pillow I used antique buttons as embellishment. 

Finally, If you're not sure how to sew a pillow, I have a couple of different tutorials on the blog, but here is a link to one of them (just ignore the whole part about the ruffles. Lol!)

That's it.  It's actually extremely simple, but looks great...and is one of a kind!!   And they're great for gifts...especially for baby showers. (just sayin')

Have a lovely day~


Jessi said...

What a cute and perfect touch to the room! And I love the fabrics you chose to use for the pillow as well. :)

laxsupermom said...

The ballerinas are beautiful! It makes me wish I had a little girl to drag to dance class. (yes, I realize that boys can dance, too, but my boys have no interest.) Thanks for sharing.

Amy Fountain said...

really beautiful pillowcase! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Stunning. I just can't get over how gorgeous those curtains are C:

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