Simple Clutter-Buster: A Kids' Art Center~

4:13 PM
Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to share with you how I made my kids' art center.

It was an ultra-simple solution to a clutter problem we were having.  Any of you ever read Fly Lady?  I love her site.  I am a bit of an organization/neat freak, and her site is full of great (and easy) organizing tips.  But I digress.  On to the art center.

This is how it all started.

Here is an area in my kitchen that Fly Lady would call a "hot spot".  Basically, a hot spot is a dumping ground.  You know, one of those areas where papers/clutter tend to collect?  This area has been driving me crazy for a while, and I decided that the reason it had become a dumping ground is because it wasn't useful. (And yes, I realize it doesn't look that first strategy had been to try and make sure all clutter was contained to the plate holder...but it was still too cluttered for my taste.)  So I decided to make something useful out of that spot.

My kiddos are HUGE into creating art.  Perhaps you recall my recent post about creating a kids' art gallery wall?  Well, all of that art has to be produced by said kiddos, right?  And in order to produce said art, those kiddos need art supplies.  I had been keeping the art supplies in a drawer at our kitchen desk.  But this solution was less than ideal.  Crayons were dumped at the bottom of the drawer, as were markers and colored pencils.  It was a mess.

So I picked up a few glass jars at Hobby Lobby (50% off baby!) and bought a fresh supply of crayons, markers and colored pencils  (and don't worry...all of them are the washable kind!).  Then I just put them in the jars and placed them on the kitchen counter where the "hot spot" used to be.  In the drawer directly below, I placed paper...and only paper.  Scissors and stick glue are kept out of reach of the littles. 

This has been a fabulous solution.  It looks works great...and those little Picasos of mine can create to their hearts' content!  And best of more hot spot. (at least for the moment...)



Anonymous said...

I have been working on an art center for my son. This is fantastic and very inspiring. Have a great day!

OrganizingMadeFun said...

I'm kind of a organizing freak too ;) Nice job!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Amy Fountain said...
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Amy Fountain said...

lovely craft space. looks really neat

sonia said...

great tip! Right now we have art supplies in drawers which is OK but we can't see them. Those jars look sweet.

Carin said...

I love your art work station. I've done that at my house as all three girls LOVE to do crafts. I find it's great to have a dedicated area so unfinished projects can stay out. I love the visual color of all the markers and crayons in the jars...thanks for sharing!

amber wallace said...

I love these jars. I really need to do this!

Marcie Lovett said...

The photo is beautiful, Wendy, but don't you worry about the kids handling glass jars and the opportunity for them to break?

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