Ombre Tulips~

My favorite flowers are tulips.  So for my birthday last week, the hubby brought me home a big bouquet. 

When I was prepping them to put them in a vase, I noticed that he had purchased three varying shades of tulips...white, pale pink and dark pink.  I smiled to myself and thought,  "Self, I'm going to arrange these tulips ombre-style".  Okay, so I'm not sure if that's quite the way to say it, but you all catch my drift, right?

So I proceeded to place all the white flowers on one side of the arrangement, the pale pink flowers in the  middle, and the dark pink flowers on the other side.  And there you have it, my friends, Ombre Tulips. 

It was a happy accident, but it got me thinking how much I want to keep creating pretty ombre flower arrangements like some of these that I've saved on  my Pinterest flower board. 

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Just a little note about flowers...studies have shown that simply having flowers in a space measurably improves people's moods.  So do yourself a favor and add some flowers to your living space...maybe even some ombre tulips. ;-)

Have a great day~


Unknown said...

They Certainly brightened my day! thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Ombre styling. Now that is something new I have learned today.
I love tulips! The season is over here, so I am happy to enjoy them some more on your blog.
And tell your hubby he choose wisely.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! The tulips are beautiful. Enjoy them.

Unknown said...

Happy, happy belated. I think I'll have to stop on the way home from work for some flowers for myself C:

Jasper said...

such beautiful flowers, great post and wonderful blog!

Jenni said...

Happy {belated} birthday to you, Wendy! I love your flowers, and agree that tulips are such beautiful flowers! I love the way you arranged them, and the other gorgeous flower photos! Thank you for sharing them. :)

I hope you have a lovely day! :)


Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Tulips are my favorite flower too! My husband always buys them for me for special occasions! :)

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