How To Create Personalized Laundry Bins: And New Laundry Plan~

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If you didn't get a chance to see my laundry room reveal yesterday, you might want to pop over and visit before you dig into this tutorial.   Because today I'm sharing how I created those cute, personalized laundry bins.

This process really couldn't have been simpler, but I want to share it with you because it's just so darn cute - and my darling niece pointed out to me yesterday, these same bins would also make FABULOUS toy storage.  (Just sayin')

What you'll need:

1.  White wire mesh bins.  I purchased these in the closet section at IKEA (Algot Mesh Baskets - they are meant to be drawers in a closet system.)

2.  Print Outs of the Letters or Numbers you wish to use in a large font (I used a size 450 or so).

3.  Sharpie

4.  Painters' Tape

5. Ruler

What you'll do:

1. Take the wire basket, and use a ruler to measure where you want the letter/number to appear.

Use painters' tape to affix number to inside of basket

2. Place the letter on the inside of the basket so it shows through to where you want it to appear on the outside of the basket.

3. Attach it with painters' tape.

Use a Sharpie to trace the number on the basket

4.  Take a Sharpie and trace the letter on the outside of the basket.   Continue by filling in the outline completely.

5.  Remove paper and you're done.

See, I told you it was simple.  The great thing about this is that the personalization is subtle - easier to view in person than in the photographs - and because you use a Sharpie, it is both permanent and less messy than trying to use a stencil and paint.  Hooray!!

The Laundry System

Now, there was a practical reason behind making these bins...and that lies in the fact that I have four kiddos.  Four kiddos who create a virtual mountain of laundry each week.  And I'm not going to lie, laundry is probably one of my least favorite things in the entire world.  But, if you're going to HAVE to do something, then DO IT!  What I mean by that is:  procrastinating doesn't make the chore go away.  In fact, it only makes it worse.  Folding laundry a batch at a time is much easier than waiting until I have 10 clean batches of laundry to fold.  Am I right?

So here is my new plan....

First, each kiddo has his/her own personalized laundry bin (and yes, someone will notice that I used numbers on my boys' bins - that's not because I consider my children to be just a number - that's actually because all three of my boys' names begin with the same letter, and so I used their birth order numbers just to simplify things.)

Second, when each kiddo has dirty laundry, they now have their own bin to put that laundry in.  Previously, they all shared a "dirty clothes" bin.

Third, I have designated one day a week per kiddo, to wash their laundry, as well as two for parent laundry, and one for household laundry - sheets, towels etc.    That evening, I wash and dry the clothes before I go to bed.  The following morning, I either deliver the clean laundry to the kiddo (if they are old enough to fold and put it away themselves) or I fold it and have the kiddo help me put it away.  
So far this plan is working well.  Yes, it means that I wash and fold laundry every day of the week...but there's not a lot of folding to be done on any given day, so it really feels like less work overall.  

But I'm curious, how do you deal with laundry?  Anybody out there have a great system?  I'd love to hear!


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Aurie Jenkins said...

I love your laundry baskets. I have 4 kids, 3 boys and they seem to break all of my baskets by using them as ships or cars, so I am always on the look out for new baskets.
I do a load of laundry a day. I turn everything right side out when I am taking it from the washer to the dry and then when its coming out of the washer I lay it all flat or fold the pants and lay it all in the basket, that way if I dont get to it right away, the clothes wont wrinkle.
I like your idea of one kid a day. Now if only I can get my kids to put their dirty clothes in the basket.... :O) that is what I need the solution for. thanks for sharing!

Kaffeslabberas said...

What a great system! Thanks for the idea!

ANNE said...

What a fabulous idea!!

Dixie said...

We do all our laundry everyday. But its just the 3 of us. I don't expect my son to do any of it. He's 15.

*colette* said...


ournextgreatadventure said...

These are great! Thanks for the how-to.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Love your choice of the mesh baskets. And, your system sounds totally doable! So good that you have a systematic way for the kids to be accountable for their own laundry. I've got to be more consistent with that! Oh, and that wall? Fabulous!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Great system! I really need to develop a system for our laundry because it takes me days to get all our laundry together.

Bar said...

Such a cute & functional idea! Whenever I move clothes from the basket to the washer, I only pull out the big pieces of pants and shirts first. What's left is socks and underwear which I put into a laundry bag and then toss that in. This cuts down dramatically on the time it takes me to fold and put away clothes because I don't have to try and track down that last sock that's hidden inside the leg of my work pants!

Jessica said...

Very cute and simple! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I love your blog!

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