Laundry Room Reveal: Before and After~

My laundry room is a hard working little space.  It does its duty admirably.  But it was in dire need of a little makeover.  Just because a space is hard-working, doesn't mean it can't be attractive too.  Am I right? 

Here is the laundry room (well, laundry closet) BEFORE:

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Reveal BEFORE
Like I said, a hard-working little space.  But, how can we put this nicely?  A little, um, drab.  

And here is the laundry closet AFTER...

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Reveal

And just for fun, here's a little side-by-side to make comparing the difference easier.

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Reveal

You may recall a week or so ago, I posted my inspiration board for this space.  Let's see it again, shall we?

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Mood Board
Because inspiration boards are just that - inspiration - I varied a bit from my original ideas.  But, as is usually the case, I like the final product even better than the original idea. 

The thing that I really wanted to do for this space was to add color.  And I absolutely adore the color green right now.  I am also infatuated with trellis patterns.  So I decided to add a trellis pattern to the wall with a stencil. I absolutely L.O.V.E the result.  It is such a happy space now!

The Shabby Nest Laundry Room Wall Stencil

The next big thing on my wish list for this space was a counter top.  I couldn't stand the fact that I had no where to fold laundry, and that any laundry that was left on top of the washer or dryer would inevitably fall off.  So I weighed my options, and after a bit of research, I eventually decided to get a pre-fab counter top from IKEA which I could then cut to size. 

But here is word to the luxe-for-less-budget-conscious decorator... while I was at IKEA looking at the different counter top options, I decided to stop into the AS IS section.  There, I was ecstatic to find a counter top which was EXACTLY the size that I needed, for a fraction of what I was originally planning on paying.  Remember when I said that rule #1 in Luxe For Less decorating is compromise?  Well, the only compromise I made for this counter was that it was a slightly different color than what I had originally planned on.  I ended up really loving the gray in this space though, so it worked out better than I could have hoped!  But the best thing about this countertop?  I just popped it right on top of the washer and dryer.  No installation required!  Can I hear a "woot woot"??

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Ikea Countertop

Then came the fun part...accessorizing.  I had originally planned on getting some sort of cute chandelier for the space, but then I realized that the light fixture in the closet is off center, and I really didn't like how that was going to look.   So I opted instead for a sparkly lamp.    I also transferred my powder detergent into a prettier glass container, and added a cute chalkboard to up the fun factor.

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Accessories

The Shabby Nest: No-Smudge Chalkboard Art

I also added a cute little tumbler to hold loose pocket change, and a candle nestled in seashells just because.

The Shabby Nest Laundry Room Accessories

One of the more practical aspects of this makeover was the fact that I needed to come up with a better plan-of-attack for dealing with the mounds of laundry created by four kiddos on a weekly basis.  So I concocted a system that I think might just do the trick (more on that later in the week) and it involves these cute bins which I personalized with letters and numbers.

The Shabby Nest: Personalized Laundry Bin

So there you have it.  The Cinderella story of how my hard-working little laundry closet went from drab to fab and stole the heart of the prince (sorry, wrong story) won the heart of the mom who uses it the most often.  Lol!

The Shabby Nest: Laundry Room Reveal

But this story isn't over yet...coming up later in the week, look for:

A tutorial on how I created that fabulous stencilled wall
A tutorial on how I created those cute laundry baskets (& how I plan to implement my new laundry system)
A mini-tutorial on how to create no-smudge chalkboard art


Stencil:   Cutting Edge Stencils
Paint:   Moss Landing by Behr
Counter Top, Candle Holder, Laundry Baskets:  IKEA
Lamp, Dragonfly Tumbler:  Target
Chalkboard, Baskets, Cookie Jar (for detergent):  Walmart

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Vintage Street Designs said...

Beautiful job!!! I can only imagine how happy you must be! Love your little lamp and the stenciling is to die for!

Unknown said...

makes my home
seem really sad
washing would be
a real pleasure
{ps i have a giveaway/link delight
at mine this week; feel free to pop by and possibly win}
x ...


Lulu said...

You are so talented! Your laundry looks gorgeous:)
I had never realised the power of ones environment as an impact on our own mood and happiness, until a few months ago, but it really does make a difference!
You have inspired me:)
Thank you
Lulu x

Stephanie said...

I love the wall - I thought it was wallpaper - can't believe you stenciled that! Awesome transformation!

Melissa said...

Your laundry closet is exactly like mine! :) Perfect find on the countertop and I love the stencil.

Jen said...

I love it!

paperjunk-lc said...

Didn't know if you were aware you have a loud popup ad on your blog now. It's for super mario bros.

Love the new counter top! Laundry room looks great!

ournextgreatadventure said...

I love how that turned out! If ever there was an argument for a front loader, I think being able to add a counter top would be it!

It looks great!

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

This looks amazing!

Jan @

Maureen Wyatt said...

I was really surprised when I saw the word stencil attached to the wall treatment. Looks great! ~ Maureen

*colette* said...

I love that wall! I want to do something exciting in my house, but I'm a coward with color. I think the laundry room would be the perfect way to break into something daring without too much commitment. Can't wait to see the stencil tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Piper said...

Cute!! Mine is so DRAB I would have to straighten it before I could ever take a before shot!! Ha!

Unknown said...

I LOVE it! My laundry room is the nicest I've ever had (it even has a little window...yay) but it definitely needs some love! I have almost a whole gallon of "Balmy" from Sherwin Williams (an oceany blue) I think I'm going to use because 1. I love it (it's what I used in my office) and 2. it won't cost me anything since I already have it. Don't know when I will get to that room but you have definitely inspired me!

Life With Lucy said...

Love this! You did such a great job with such a small space. Love all the fun little extra touches. It looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Dani Hommer said...

Is there going to be a stencil tutorial? That wall is TDF!

Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

It looks great! We just got front loaders and I'm dying to get a counter top for ours also. Sounds like an IKEA trip is in order! :)

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely beyond incredible! Fabulous job!

Unknown said...

I love this! What a beautiful laundry space! Great job!
Barbara @ Chase the Star

Unknown said...

Love this makeover-just wanted you to know I featured this on my blog today-have a lovely weekend-Claire

Unknown said...

I'm stopping over from Beneath My Heart link party and I believe I might stay awhile! This is lovely! I'm a new follower!

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