Working on the Loft Bedroom: Custom-fitting a Foam Mattress~

I've been working on the loft bedroom, and we're getting close to finishing it. All it needs now is to be styled! So there is a big reveal on the horizon, but today, I wanted to share with you all how I altered an existing foam mattress to fit the custom-sized "built-in" bed.

The mattress was previously used on the trundle bed in the boys' room.  And it is just foam (no wood or coils) which made this process fairly simple.  As you can see from the photo above, the mattress was several inches too long for the custom-built bed.

Here's the process I used to fix that little problem.

1.  I unpicked the stitching on one end of the mattress covering.  I made sure to keep the mattress covering in tact - meaning I didn't cut it up just carefully unpicked it until I could roll it down to expose the foam.

2.  I rolled back the covering, and measured the length I needed the mattress to be, then simply drew a line across the foam so that I could make it even all the way across.

3.  I cut the foam along the line I had drawn.  (An electric carving knife works very well for this.)

4.  I re-wrapped the mattress in the covering and then stitched it to fit.  (I did have to cut away a bit of the excess, but mostly, I just folded it under and then stitched it in place by hand.)

And now it fits perfectly!  And as I said, it was a fairly easy process.  I used a similar process to create the cushion in our mini-mudroom in our previous house...only for that I used an old crib mattress because the space was much smaller. 

I'm getting very excited to share the finished space with you.  The hard part is going to be reigning myself in because I have a million-and-one ideas and it's a small space.  But I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!!



Mekenzie @ said...

Looks great! When I had to custom fit a cushion, here's what I did:

I used hot glue, lol.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Clever idea! Can't wait to see the space!

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