How to Make an Ornament Wreath (Revisited)~

12:59 PM
As long as I'm sharing old Christmas Wreath tutorials, here's another great tutorial I posted originally on December 7, 2010.  Enjoy!

Okay, kids. Here it is. My tutorial on how to make an ornament wreath.

I know that there were several tutorials floating around blogland last year. But, I kind of just flew by the seat of my pants when I made this one. So, I'm going to give you my version of how to make an ornament wreath.

It was really quite easy (that's how I roll)... so I hope you'll forgive my lack of step-by-step photos...

What you'll need...

  • A wire hanger (I used a child size, coated white hanger)

  • Pliers

  • Ornaments (for the child size hanger, I used approximately 50 ornaments give or take)

  • Pretty, wired ribbon

  • Hot glue (this is optional and I actually didn't use any, but you may wish to - I'll tell you why in the instructions section.)


1. Take the wire hanger and unwind the top with your pliers. (If you use a coated hanger like I did, you will have to peel the coating back from the twisted top by carefully cutting it with a razor.)

2. Then use the pliers to straighten the hanger out as much as possible leaving only the hook at the top in tact.

3. Now reshape the hanger into a circle with the hook still at the top for hanging.

4. Thread the ornaments one at a time onto the hanger from the unhooked end. I alternated patterns to get a more even look. Push them all the way around the circle to the hooked side. This is where you may wish to use hot glue... occasionally the hanger at the top of the ornament will pull off as you thread them may wish to secure it with hot glue. I didn't have this problem very much so I didn't use this step...but if you are using more costly or vintage ornaments this is probably a good idea.

5. Once they are threaded on, you may wish to move them around so they fill in all the spaces and create a nice full wreath.

6. Twist the straight end of the hanger back onto the hooked end.

7. Tie the wired ribbon onto the hanger at the hook to hide the twist and to pretti-fy your wreath. (I use wired ribbon because it is easy to shape the bow and have it retain said shape.)

8. I personally wouldn't try to hang this wreath hang it where you can admire it inside your house...I love it hanging over the mirror...more bling for your buck!

Happy Christmas Crafting Everybody!

(And just an added note...this wreath still looks as good as the day I made it two years ago! Hooray!)

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