We Have a Winner~

Oh my goodness!!

Yesterday was so much fun!   I hope you had a great time travelling back in time yesterday and laughing at our childhood portraits!

Did you guess who I was?  Did you guess who anyone was??

Yep! This is me...at age 15 and now (well, in October of last year)...

There were so many of you who were soooooo close to guessing all the DIY bloggers correctly, but finally one person...one blogger...one true DIY fan rose to claim victory! Please meet the winner of the Before They Were Bloggers Contest:

More after the jump...

This girl knows her DIY blogs because she's a blogger herself. Please take a minute to congratulate Sara by leaving her a comment on her blog today. It took her a long time to click through all 29 blogs to match the bloggers to their younger selves.  (And all while holding a sick baby!  Way to go Sara!!)


Now that  you know who's who, can you see it?  Just for fun, you may want to click through to each blog since we're all posting side by sides of our "then and now" photos.

Thanks for playing along! 


1 comment:

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

Thanks, Wendy! That was so hard, but so fun--especially to win! :)

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