How to Make Your Own Industrial-Style Light Pendant for Less than $10~

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I had the chance to be on Studio 5 last Thursday and to share a fun project for their IKEA +10 series.  The idea behind the series is to take an IKEA item, add only $10 in additional supplies, and repurpose it into an item with a completely different use.

For my item, I chose to use an IKEA Ordning silverware caddy.  And I decided to turn it into an industrial style light pendant.  The project was so simple...but turned out absolutely darling.

Shabby Nest:  Industrial Style Pendant
photo via Studio 5

To find out how I made the pendant, read more and see the video clip from my Studio 5 appearance, after the break.

To make your own industrial-style pendant, you will need the following supplies:

An Ordning Silverware Caddy
Tin Snips
A Hammer
A Light Kit
A Light Bulb
Spray Paint

1. Using the tin snips, begin by cutting a hole in the bottom of the silverware caddy that is the same diameter as the light kit.

2. Use the hammer to flatten out the edges of the hole you cut.

3. Remove the plastic ring from the end of the light kit, and insert the end into the hole you cut.

4. Attach the ring back to the end of the light kit on the inside of the silverware caddy, and add the light bulb.

(If you wish to add color to the cord, you can spray paint it using  spray paint that bonds to plastic BEFORE you assemble the pendant.)

It's as simple as that!  Great industrial-style lighting for less than $10 per pendant!

Want to see more?  You can watch my Studio 5 segment below!


Marti said...

When I saw the picture, I thought that was an Ikea lamp that you were going to imitate. That is a great lamp!

ANNE said...

Freakin' cute!! What a great idea!!

Lena said...

What a fun idea!!

Kathryn J Cain said...

fun I did some using old minnow buckets...sold quick...just take out the inserts..same way as what you did...lovee your idea

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, what fun! I've been meaning to make some lights with bits and pieces I've been collecting. Thank you for the tutorial.

: )

Julie M.

Christine @ Let's Get Crafty! said...

Great idea! You did a great job on the show!!!

I'm stealing this idea fo' sho!


kevinboy said...

How fun your idea is! Cheap Surveillance DVR

Anonymous said...

If IKEA starts selling these things, I will be telling people: "I know who the designer is!" LOL

Unknown said...

What a GREAT idea and the video is mint C:

Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

I. LOVE. THIS. You are amazing, this is so so cute!

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