What I'm Wednesday: What I'm Working on in Our House~

I mentioned a while back that I am working on an entry hall update.  And then I dropped the subject.   Now I realize that you are all probably NOT sitting on pins and needles waiting for a big reveal.  BUT, I wanted to share a few sneak peeks with you today anyway...

I'm actually really excited about the transformation taking place in the entry.  And here is one of the reasons why...

Can you tell what it is?  Well, actually there are a pair of them.  And they are beautiful!!

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I already have some fabulous accessories for the space.  I'm a big lover of design books...and I love to use books in design.  So here are a few of my design books, acting as a pedestal, and giving a little color to the space as well.

I'm also super excited about these!  I got them on clearance at Target a few weeks back, and they have been patiently waiting to be put on the wall.

"And why are they waiting?"  you might ask.   Well, because the piece de resistance of the space is still sitting in our garage looking like this. 

I've got to go get some more wood for this project so I can finish up this space.  I'm hoping for next week.  But, just to be on the safe side, don't anybody hold their breath.  Lol!

 Have a great day~



Unknown said...

good luck with your project!


Jeri said...

Oh that is just plain unfair! Teasing like that! Shame on you LOL, can't wait to see!

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