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Welcome to Terrific Homes Tuesday! 
Today I'm excited to share with you the bright and cheery home of
Mary from Mary Organizes. 
Hi! My name is Mary Johanson and I blog over at Mary Organizes. My family lives in Northwest Arkansas. We have lived here for almost 10 years and love it. It is such an amazing family-friendly community, which is important to me as a mother of four young children. When I'm not taking care of my family and home, I run a local organizing business. Organizing is a passion of mine, and decorating runs a very close second. I love my spaces to be both functional and beautiful. I am so grateful for Wendy giving me this opportunity to show you a little glimpse of my home! You'll notice blues, greens, and yellows running rampant throughout.
My kitchen is my favorite place in our home. Our home was a custom build, so I got to pick out details like the subway tile backsplash, and fun lighting.
Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (1)

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Since my stovetop faced the wall, I wanted to give myself something interesting to look at while I cooked. I used small colorful tiles surrounded by framing tiles to create a tile mosaic that is not just a backsplash, but a work of art. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (2)
A butcher block island simplifies all the chopping for dinner prep. Over time, the oils, juices, and knife marks have aged the butcher block and now it has a warm shabby chic feel. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (3)
My Farmhouse sink - A dream come true!Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (4)
Above my cabinets, I tried to make little groupings or vignettes instead of continuous decor across all the tops of my cabinets. I enjoyed mixing colors and textures.Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (5)
Our table is a frequent gathering place for my family. The tiered baskets to the left of the table hold all of my kids art stuff, and I hold our Sunday dishes in the cabinet to the right. I like that the cabinet is short enough that my kids can open the doors and set the table on Sundays. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (6)
This is the mantel in my living room. I feel like I'm constantly staring at it, thinking of little things I want to change or add. The only time I completely change it all out is Christmas time. Throughout the rest of the year it is some variation of this. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Living Room (1)
This is my favorite corner, because of its abundance of my favorite colors.
Mary Organizes Home Tour - Living Room (2)
This is my husband's office, but lets face it, the kids probably spend just as much time in here as he does. This room sees a lot of action! I tried to make the room fit the rest of the house, but give it a masculine flair for my husband's sake. The curtains are a navy burlap.
Mary Organizes Home Tour - Home Office (1)
This is the ceiling in the office. This same ceiling style is also in the master bedroom. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Home Office (2)
This is my master bedroom. I usually try to keep this space clear of anything that has to do with the kids (the parents deserve one space, right?), but right now my 3 month old is still sleeping in our room. One day ... Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bedroom (1)
I found the his and hers coordinating lamp shades on clearance at Pottery Barn. I love a good find!
Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bedroom (3)
This is my master bathroom. I love white towels in the master bathroom. I want my bathroom to feel like a spa! I use a new white washcloth every night, and after I dry my face, I wipe up my sink and counter, so it never gets dirty.
Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bathroom (1)
The mirror is framed out, which is pretty fun.Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bathroom (14)
This is my soaking/Jacuzzi tub. What a difference a good bath can make! I toned down all of the colors in this room, which is unusual for me because I love using lots of happy colors. I just felt like the time I spent getting ready for my day or for bed, needed to be a bit more soothing. Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bathroom (2)
And well, I'm an organizer, so I think I should show you at least one of my organized spaces, right? This is the storage under my bathroom sink.Mary Organizes Home Tour - Master Bathroom Organization
Thanks again, Wendy, for letting me show your readers my home!
Thanks Mary for sharing your happy, colorful home with us!  (I am totally jealous of that amazingly organized sink!) Head on over to Mary's blog for fabulous organizing ideas.
If you'd like your house to be featured on Terrific Homes Tuesday, send me an email! (Please put "Terrific Homes" in the subject line.) 


Jake's a Girl said...

I love your home. The little corner is perfect!

Jake's a Girl

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Beautiful and fresh!! My FAVE is the office . . .and definitely the rug! Go Cougs!! ;)

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