Pretty Paper Beads (and How to Make Them)~

While my sister was here visiting from California this summer, she taught us how to make paper beads.  It's a quick and easy craft that you can do with your kiddos.  So today I'm going to show you how.

It's a very simple process.

 1.  Start with pages from magazines or newspaper inserts.  (The more colorful the page, the more colorful the bead will be.)

2. Cut the pages into long triangular strips.  (If you are doing this craft with the kiddos, this step should be done by you or another grown-up.)

3.  Take a lolly-pop stick or other thin round object and wrap the paper around it starting at the wide end and working your way to the thin end.

4.  Take a dab of glue and use it to hold the wrapped paper together at the end.

Repeat this process until you have  as many beads as you need to make a bracelet, necklace or whatever you want (they'd look cute on a DIY chandelier or as fringe on a lamp etc.)

I strung these beads to make a necklace for the Princess.

Of course, I had to try it on first.  Lol!

Now go make yourself some pretty paper beads!  And let me know what you do with them.  ;-)

Have a great day!


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cottonreel said...

Lovely , fun project

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