Small Space Decorating: A Trick~

Today I want to share a trick for decorating small spaces.  One of my main goals as a designer is to make spaces that not only look good, but truly function for the inhabitants.  And one common challenge that many people face is making small spaces feel larger.

So an interesting thing happened the other day.  I had to send my sofa slipcovers out to be dry-cleaned.  You may recall that my living room looks like this (well, sort of...I've actually tweaked it for fall.  I'll be sharing that soon!) 

But once I removed the slipcovers, I  noticed something.  Although my two sofas are the same model (The Ektorp by IKEA)  they weren't purchased at the same time, and the newer one is shaped a bit different - it has longer legs so you can see underneath it.  And check out the difference it makes....

Forgive the fact that my sofas are missing their slipcovers...and wearing blankets instead. Lol!

The sofa with the legs seems lighter and airier.  It makes the space around it seem larger.  The other sofa seems large and heavy in comparison and dominates the space more, making it seem smaller.  I just couldn't get over the difference.  And now I'm wishing I had a budget to buy new sofas with legs.  Lol!

Does anyone know if IKEA makes a slipcover for the Ektorp that doesn't have a dust skirt?  I'm just loving the lighter feel of this sofa.  So the moral of the story make a space feel bigger, choose large pieces that have legs rather than skirts.  (Or just don't send your slipcovers out for dry-cleaning, so you never know the difference.  Lol!!)

After those slipcovers come back...I'll show you my fall-I-fied living room.  I can't wait!



stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

Great observation and so true! love the more "leggy"... I have no idea about the idea sofas but I hope you find them! Can't wait to see your fall room!

Misty said...

Check with Bemz and see if they can leave the skirt off.

Maureen Wyatt said...

You could always shorten the skirt on the slipcovers you have. They'd be more of a ruffle than and you could see the legs. Just a thought.

toulouse said...

Hello! I just took y covers off and realized the same thing! Did you ever find a cover without the dust skirt?? I can't seem to find any online.


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