DIY "Paint-Dipped" Vases~

5:00 AM
Continuing my infatuation with I want to share a super-simple gold-paint project.

Not only do I have an infatuation with gold, but I also have an infatuation with the paint-dipped trend.  So in this project, I combined the two.

Here's the low-down on how to get this great look.

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First, you'll need some bud vases, some metallic gold craft paint, painter's tape and a paint brush.

Then follow these easy steps.

1. Tape off the vases at the level you would like the paint to end.  (As you may notice from the photo...I did not use painter's tape.  I couldn't find mine.  But washi tape worked in a pinch.

2. Then simply brush on several coats of paint...letting each one dry for a few minutes between.  And when I say "several coats", I mean it.  I think I used about ten coats on each vase.

3. Allow the vases to dry for several hours...or even days...depending on the paint you use.

Remove the tape and that's it!  Adorable "paint-dipped" vases that you can make in snap!  Great gift alert!  (Just sayin')

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Mindi@MyLove2Create said...

Very fun! I love it, a simple fix to really make those vases special!

Unknown said...

I love them! I'm really into gold right now too. I may have to give this a try.
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