A Gold Elephant - A Dilemma ~

For Christmas each year we play the White Elephant game.  Well, this last Christmas, for my White Elephant gift, I got an elephant.  It was plastic...and gray...but the irony wasn't lost on me.  ;-)

The funniest part of the whole thing, is that I was actually very excited.  You see, I've wanted to paint a toy elephant (or just about any toy animal for that matter) gold for quite a while.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I was inspired by this project from The Thinking Closet that I featured in one of  my Frugal Round-ups.  (What's a Frugal Round-up, you ask?  If you don't know, you better visit one of my Frugal Friday link parties. wink.)

While I was waiting for it to get warm enough outside to spray paint...I made a watercolor of the elephant using the Waterlogue app I talked about here.  Tee hee.

But this last weekend, I finally got around to spray painting...because it was finally warm enough.  And I ended up with this cute little guy.

Now I'm conflicted.  I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with him.  My initial inclination was to add a wire for a photo holder.  But I kind of like him just the way he is.  

So, my dear readers, I'm looking to you for input.  What would you do with a plastic gold elephant?  I'd love to know.

Seriously. :-)

Have a great day~


The Cranky said...

Feature him in a plastic gold zoo.....
or, better yet....
Make him the start of a really unique, fun, and creative Noah's Ark!

SR said...
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SR said...

hi! can you tell me which spray paint you used? :) the gold is just right.

Unknown said...

I love the gold paint! I have used these before.. painted them in pastel colors and cut the top of and placed air plants in them.. Kids love them!
Thanks for the inspiration as i will try my next batch in Gold!

Anonymous said...

Do you have another one you could paint to match? If so, or another coordinating animal...I would super glue his feet to a painted block of wood and make a set of cute bookends!!

Cindy said...

I think I would leave it just as it is...maybe standing on a couple of books on a shelf or coffee table

Unknown said...

You could always use him as a jewelry holder. How cute would a stack of rings on his trunk look? Very cute idea BTW.


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