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I work as an interior designer for Edge Homes, a large home builder here in Utah.  We have a team of five interior designers who work to help the 500 or so buyers that build new homes with Edge each year.  That's a lot of buyers. And our job is to not only help them choose all the finishes and fixtures which will be in their new homes, but also to have a good experience doing so.

A photo sketch of my living room

As any of you who have built a new home know, building a home is a very stressful experience.  And it's far more emotional than a lot of people realize or are prepared for it to be.  Navigating these waters with buyers can be tricky.  But I love it.

Our design team was having a discussion a couple of weeks ago about how to make the process a good experience for our buyers and one of the things that we addressed was expectations that people have for their homes.  I brought up the idea of asking each of my buyers "what does home mean to you?"  Because "Home" itself means very different things to everyone.

To me, home is more than just a shelter.  Home is more than a roof over our heads.  Home should be our retreat from the stress of life.  Home should be our safe haven.  Home should be the one  place in the world where we feel free to be who we really are.  Home should be a place where we can gather as family and friends and enjoy one another's company.

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And when you think about it, how many of these things actually have to do with the way our homes look? None of them really.  What they have to do with is the way our homes feel.  When you walk in the door, do you feel peace?  Do you feel love?  Do you feel joy?

For me, as a designer, the way my home looks does influence these things to a degree.  I love to come home to a beautiful space that I enjoy being in.  But really, as long as my family is there, I could live in empty rooms.  It's the emotion of the house, and the people in the house, more than the way it looks that makes our home what it is.

And so as I go to work each day...as I write this blog for you, my readers...this thought is foremost in my mind.  How can I help my clients and my readers make their homes a haven for themselves and their families? It's not about how much we spend on the finishes or the furniture.  It's the love with which we choose them. It's the consideration we give to the feelings and memories we want to create within those four walls.  

Photo sketch detail of my living room

Do you agree?  What does home mean to you?




I agree! Home for me is about serenity. It is also about self expression. The way that some women are about fashion, that's how I am with my house. Always changing outfits and assessories that reflect what interests me now.

I also think that, for me, when designing a home, I need to focus in on where I spend the most time and places that really take a beating from daily routines. Kitchen/ living room/ pantry, master bath, and transition areas like the mud room.

Rhonda said...

My home is my retreat, where I go to get away from the rest of the world. It's a place where we can express ourselves, my husband and I, through our warm furnishings and hard work we did to make it just right for us, and comfortable for guests.

Home Chic Club said...

Of course I agree! My home is a peace of my little haven made of love and with love. I love beautiful decoration, but my family comes first, they are my home.
Have a lovely day Wendy!

Unknown said...

Totally agree- I think the things we fill our home with should reflect memories, sentiment, personality and love- not the cost attached to them. I write a lot about handmade and thrifted home decor- which can often tell a much fuller story about someone than expensive shop-bought items.

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Gayle x

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