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Hello Lovelies!

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I feel like I've been missing in action from my blog and it makes me a bit sad.  But the reasons behind my seeming disappearance are all very exciting! So today I thought I'd give you a bit of an update on all of my comings and goings.

Everything is pretty much equally in no particular order...

1.  I started a new job!  I now work as an interior designer for Ivory Homes, Utah's largest home builder. It's the same type of thing I was doing at my previous job...and something I really love: helping new home buyers choose all of the finishes for their houses.

2.  I'm buying a house!  Yep!  I hesitated to say anything until I had closed on it...but closing should happen in the next week or so.  I'll share all the details then!

3.  I got the final proof of my book this past week!  It was thrilling to be able to go through the final version and see exactly what it's going to look like!! I absolutely can't wait to share it with all of you.  October can't come soon enough!

4.  I've joined forces with The Design Network for a fun project that I'm crazy excited to share and which is coming up very soon.

5. And you see that pretty horse up there?  I pinned this image several weeks ago.  Little did  I know, my very talented sister would paint it for me for my birthday!   Really.  She did.  I'll be sharing that painting with you soon as well.

So with all of that in the pipeline, there's a lot to share coming up here on the blog.  Thanks for being patient with me and sticking around through this crazy last year and a half.  My life has been changing all over the place and even though there has been some sad and bad stuff...there's been a lot of amazing blessings and opportunities as well.

As the Reverend Mother says in The Sound of Music "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window."  It's true.  And right now, I have a lot of windows opening in my life!



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Artsy VaVa said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful things going on in your life! That's fantastic.

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