Back to School Dinner 2014~

We have a family tradition that makes going back to school a little more special for the kiddos:  our annual Back to School Dinner.

Each year I let the kids choose the menu...and I throw them a fun dinner where I introduce a theme for the year, the kids each set a goal for their school year, and we just enjoy one another's company as summer comes to an end.

This year I took it easy on myself and  purchased the decorations at Target!  It made the festivities all that much more enjoyable (for me anyway - the kids had fun regardless).

I always like to give the kids a little bag of goodies.  When I first started this tradition, I gave them school supplies, but now that everyone's lists of supplies are so specific, and they don't usually get them until the first day, goodies it is.  

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This year's theme is "Be The Good".  We discussed what that means and each of my kiddos gave me examples of what they can do to not just "be good"  but  to "be THE good".

The kiddos specifically requested Peanut Butter Ice Cream Balls for dessert.  It's a favorite recipe we got from their Aunt.  It's super easy to make, is delicious, and looks like you spent a lot of time on it (my favorite part.)  I'll share the recipe on the blog soon.

You can check out our previous Back to School dinners here:   2008  2009 (I know we had one in 2010 and 2011 - can't find them in my archives.)   2012  2013

 Happy New School Year!



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