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Yesterday, I spent the entire day with the team of designers from Ivory Homes where I work.  We drove from one Ivory community to another and spent time going through the model homes and some of the quick move-ins.

It was so much fun!  The reason I love being a designer so much is that I am completely obsessed with houses.  So spending an entire day looking through them was more play than it was work.

Picture this for me, if you will.  Ten interior designers in a model home.  Loving every inch of it. And then we get in a joking discussion about how, if we actually lived in the home, we'd ask visitors not to touch anything and to stand in one spot in the great room where none of the beautiful surroundings could possibly be disturbed.  The discussion was, of course, all in jest.  But it made me think about my own little home.

I love to surround myself with beautiful things.  I certainly don't have the same kind of budget allotted to decorating a model home, so my own furnishings and decor are not as fancy...but that doesn't make them any less lovely in their own way.  And the crowing touch is the family and friends that fill the space...and they are what ultimately add the most beauty to any space.

As my friend the Nester says "It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful."  How true it is.

My Istagram post from yesterday kind of sums it up for me..

"Each morning as I drive my oldest to school, we pass this lovely pasture full of sheep and cows.  I am always captivated by this tree which (although it's hard to tell in this iPhone photo) has a broken trunk.  Somehow it has survived and is all that much more beautiful because of its brokenness.  I can only hope that my survival and brokenness have the same effect on me."

If you don't already follow me on Instagram, I'd love it if you did...don't let this blurry photo make you hesitate - I couldn't size it without losing clarity - Lol!

Have a great day~



Tamara @ Provident Home Design said...

I love that thought. I also love those Utah mountains peaking out in the background. I miss those mountains!

Lucy said...

Thank you for a very beautiful post! I am feeling a bit broken today from some surgery I had recently so your thoughts were quite meaningful to me have a lovely blog!

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