31 Days of All Things Home: Brick Tile (This is Awesome!)~

Welcome to day 28 of 31 Days of All Things Home.

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I've mentioned before that I work as an interior designer for a home builder here in Utah.  Today, our tile rep came in to the office with some new samples, and I was so completely smitten with them that I wanted to share them with you!

They're called Chicago Brick and are manufactured by Mediterranea.  (This is NOT a sponsored post - these are just crazy awesome!)  And they are porcelain tiles that look like brick.

By now we've all heard of wood-look tile.  I love the stuff.  Well, Chicago Brick is the same idea only it looks like brick - obviously (lol!), and as soon as I saw it, my mind was positively spinning with the possibilities!

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I love the idea of using this tile in a herringbone set in an entryway.  Or on a kitchen floor for that matter.  But you could also use it as a backsplash or to create the look of a reclaimed brick wall. Seriously, I can't wait to try it!

What would you use it for?  I'd love to hear your ideas!



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