Clever Space-Saving Desk in My Little Boys' Room~

Perhaps you recall a few months ago when I posted about the built-in bunk beds in my little boys' bedroom.  One of the things that I was hoping to accomplish with the built-ins was to create a room with space-saving solutions so that if feels bigger than it actually is.  The bunk bed went a long way toward accomplishing that.  But I also wanted to create a work area, and adding a desk to the end of the bunk beds was the perfect way to do that.

You may also recall from that post, that I got my inspiration from this photo that I had saved from Better Homes and Gardens several years ago.  

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Well, I shared the photo with my friend Tim from Millworks Woodworking who created the perfect desk for me.  

We even added a cord pass-through so that I could add the cute lamp above the work desk (and perhaps a laptop or something down the road.)

I'm so happy with how this cute little desk turned out.  I just know that my boys' will get years of use out of it!


Wall Lamp:  IKEA
Globe:  Vintage
Paper Mache "B":  Hobby Lobby
Stool:  Purchased from a Model Home Sale



Home Chic Club said...

Such a great solution Wendy! I know how hard is to find space for everything in a small room. I had a same problem with my son`s room. This is very clever and practical idea!

Tara Lehman said...

What a great desk! Perfect space saver for a small room!!!

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