Great Hemnes Furniture Pieces From Ikea~

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I've mentioned several times how much I love IKEA.  And today I wanted to share a couple of IKEA pieces that I am currently using around my home.

When people think of IKEA, modern-looking furniture is usually what comes to mind.  I am really more of a fan of traditional pieces, and it may surprise you to know that IKEA has several pieces that fit with a more traditional or transitional aesthetic. And, as always, they work well for people trying to decorate on a budget.

Let's take this adorable Hemnes dresser that I am currently using in my little boys' bedroom.  It comes in several colors, but I chose this great navy blue which is perfect for the space and it has plenty of storage for two little boys' clothes.

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In my daughter's room, we are using the adorable Hemnes vanity table.  The lines are so pretty and it is perfect for a teenage girl with its two little storage drawers and a larger drawer underneath!

Here is my master bedroom from my previous home where I used two smaller Hemnes dressers as bedside tables.  Dressers are a great idea for bedside tables because they not only look amazing, they provide a ton of storage as well.

The Hemnes line is one of my favorite at Ikea, but there are several others that have a more traditional look as well.  For example, I have been using the Ektorp sofas for several years and love the fact that I can switch up the colors by changing slipcovers.  So if you have a more traditional design aesthetic like I do, make sure you check out Ikea...there are several items that you can use in your home. 


I was provided with the Hemnes Dressers and Dressing Table at no charge.  However, the opinions expressed about IKEA are 100% mine.  I love IKEA!



Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

We were in Ikea the other night and I saw this dresser and fell in love with it. Fell in love with lots of things come to think of it!! : ) Have a beautiful week ahead!!

~ Wendy

Manish Batra said...
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