The Simple Joys of the Holidays~

10:36 AM
I have been in simplification mode for a couple of years now.  Life just seems to flow better when the superfluous stuff is removed and I focus on the things that are really important.

And at Christmas time, the thing that is most important for me is spending time with my loved ones...especially my sweet kiddos.

Last year I came up with a short of list of Christmas To-Dos.  And I wanted to share them with you again.

They are simple.
They are inexpensive.  Okay, admittedly movies can get expensive.  
(That's why we almost always go to matinees.)
They are fun for every member of the family - even the teens...mostly ;).

My holiday challenge to you, my dear readers, is to make a simple Christmas to-do list for your family.  One that doesn't involve a lot of money.  One that encourages family togetherness.
Won't you simplify your holidays with me?



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