My 2016 Word of the Year~

Happy New Year Everyone!

For the past several years, I have chosen a word of the year.
I love this tradition, and I have found that the words I have chosen in the past have really helped to shape the course of each year.  They have sort of been like single word resolutions, if you will.

I have a sense that this year is going to be a pivotal one for I thought long and hard about the word I wanted to govern it.

And I landed on the word ENTHUSIASM.

I don't want to do anything half-way this year.  Whatever I do, I want to give it my all.  And I want to do so happily.  I want to approach every undertaking with energy and enthusiasm.  I believe that enthusiasm is catching and that if I bring my "A-game" to everything that I do, others will reciprocate.  In this way, I hope to elevate my own performance, and to hopefully help others do the same.

Do you choose a word of the year?  I'd love to hear your word if you have one.

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1 comment:

Kizzy said...

Great choice, I've just shared my word for the year on the blog too and it's Purpose. Here's to a fantastic 2016

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