How To Create A Pretty Bed On The Cheap~

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so glad you can join me today!

Today I wanted to share with you a little secret.

I'm going to share with you how to make a bed look pretty without spending a fortune.

We all know that the bed is the focal point of any bedroom.  So having a bed that looks pretty (and dare I say - luxurious) is very important for the overall feeling of the space.

But, bedding can be very expensive, so finding a way to make your bed look pretty - and luxurious - without spending a small fortune can be challenging.

But that's why we're here.

It's pretty simple actually.  Just follow these few easy steps and you'll have a pretty bed before you know it.

  • Choose a color scheme. Perhaps this seems like a no-brainer to you.  If it does, that's good!  You're halfway there.  A coordinated bed is a pretty bed.

  • Layer. least layering makes a bed feel more decadent, and that creates the illusion of luxury without all the expense.

  • Pillows.  Some may accuse me of using too many pillows...but honestly, pillows add personality.  And pillows are one place you can splurge a little bit.  You can add one amazing throw pillow made from an expensive fabric and you won't have to sell off your jewelry to afford it. ;)  I also suggest using Euro pillows as a back drop...they're big so they look expensive...but they don't have to be (I'll get to that in a minute.)

  • Mix it up.  You can certainly buy a bedding set...and that's not bad....but don't use it exactly as it is straight out of the bag.  Mix it up by adding in different prints and fabrics with pillow shams and throw pillows and sheets.  Having different patterns or textures on your bed automatically gives it a more luxurious feeling.

  • Find Inexpensive Bedding Options.   I admit this part can sometimes be tricky.  So I'm going to share with you what I did to create the look you see on my bed.

Finding inexpensive bedding that looks good is the hardest part of creating a pretty bed.  But it's certainly not are a few of my go-to bedding sources:

  • Ikea - Remember when I said above that I would share a good and inexpensive source for Euros?  Ikea is it.  You'll want to make sure that you buy their down pillows if you like them to be fluffy, or you can stuff more than one polyfill pillow form in each sham because their polyfill forms are quite a bit flatter than the down forms.  If you just don't like down, you can still buy multiple polyfill Euros without having to invest a ton of money (the Euros on my bed actually have 2 polyfill forms each). You can also buy some great quilts, throws and duvets at Ikea (my Euro shams are also from Ikea).

  • Overstocks and Seconds - This one might take a bit of research on your part depending on where you live.  Here in Utah, we're lucky to have a few of these types of stores where you can usually find overstocks and seconds of furniture and bedding.  One of my favorites is DownEast Home.  They have a lot of brand name bedding and curtains - but because they are overstocks or seconds, the selection varies greatly, so it is hit or miss.  I was able to find my white pick-stitch Pottery Barn quilt there for a fraction of what it cost in the catalog.

  • Big Box Stores - The sheets on my bed are actually from Walmart.  They cost less than $20 for a queen set.  And I love them.  They are "soft microfiber".  They feel silky....they wash up beautifully and come out of the dryer 100% wrinkle free.  Seriously.  I never thought I'd fall in love with sheets from Walmart.  I'll admit that some of the patterns and colors they offer in these sheets are not to my liking...but they have them in plain white, charcoal gray, the cute little flower pattern you see here, and a pretty gray and white pattern that I also own.  The trick to buying bedding from the big box stores is similar to buying it from overstock or seconds stores...just keep your eyes open whenever you happen to be at the store because color and variety change.

  • Online Deal Sites - There are a ton of these daily deal sites.  Again, be patient and keep your eyes open, so you can snatch up the awesome deals when you see them.  I grabbed these pretty black and white trellis pillows off of Joss and Main a couple of years back for a fraction of what I could have paid for them.

What it really boils down to is patience.  Pick your color scheme so that you have a plan.  I suggest maybe carrying around a color paint chip or fabric swatch if you have a hard-to-match color in your scheme.  That way, when a good deal presents itself, you can be prepared to snatch it up.

Have a great day!



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apple said...

Thank you. This was so helpful to me. I really appreciate it. Lots of good tips. I'm looking for new bedding,eventhough what I have is fine. I like your cream quilt, but I'm afraid it would get dirty on our bed.

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